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  • Williamson 11-09-17 | 10:14 AM
  • Hello there. I understand your frustration. Till a little while ago I was also in a similar situation. All that changed two years ago. I had already gone through so many treatments. Nothing seemed to work. Then I found out about surrogacy. So, thatโ€™s what I decided to try. It worked! I couldnโ€™t believe it then but it did. After a short and hassle-free screening process, a surrogate was carrying my child. Soon enough we brought our baby home. Just remember that you are still young. You can figure something out. There are tons of ideas out there. I hope my story inspires you to keep looking. Good luck!
  • Williamson 11-09-17 | 10:14 AM
  • Hey honey. You're still pretty young. There's plenty of time to figure something out. Don't be so disappointed. Have you consulted a doctor? That will help you figure out the cause. Then you can effectively work towards eliminating that cause.
  • Marlana 11-09-17 | 10:17 AM
  • Good day Kayla, Have you consulted a doctor? Do you have any hormonal imbalance? If you are a TTC for a year then you can term your condition as infertility. However, there are solutions to every problem. Consult a doctors dear. And don't panic, you guys are young and healthy, and have plenty of time. So just live in the moment. Sometimes it's not the right time for things to happen. So hang in there.
  • Marlana 11-09-17 | 10:18 AM
  • Hey Tom, Just read your problem, and thanks to Sarah who have replied to your problem very well. And it was indeed quite informative. I just wanted to ask that if your ovulation cycle is irregular or is it absent? Because one of my friends is also suffering from oligo-ovulation. Which means that had ovulation cycle is irregular but no completely absent. And she is on medication. Her condition has improved a lot.
  • Latrina 11-09-17 | 10:23 AM
  • Hi Pes. I am sorry to hear about your troubles. Thankfully, your story has a happy ending. Not many people are that lucky. I am glad you visited a doctor. Can you share more details about your visit? Who was the doctor? Where is the clinic located? What was your diagnosis? Why were you unable to conceive before? I am hoping that others will benefit from this information. There are so many women who are in your situation. Infertility is alarmingly high. Many women are seeking solutions. Thank you.

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