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  • Perez 11-09-17 | 10:40 AM
  • Everything is ideal for you. Like the other lady said, time and luck is with you. Even if you have any fertility issues, you have the chance to get treated with normal treatment and medicine. Ask your BFF to take you to a hospital/specialist and discuss what needs to be done. I believe they will ask you to focus on your diet, etc. That can easily be done. Don't worry too much about it and just do what the doctors say. You can also do a little bit of running or take yoga classes. Try not to work out too much as this can cause some complications when you are in need of conception.

    I'm sorry did I forget to mention your post was so cute

    Love you, and please be active on this forum. I'll love to see more posts from you.
  • Parrish 11-10-17 | 12:22 PM
  • Hey there. I am happy to hear that you stopped it when you got uncomfortable. I think you should be okay. Five days is too early for these symptoms to appear. It's probably your mind playing tricks on you. It could also be due to periods. Are you due? Also, where were you in the cycle when it happened? You usually ovulate two weeks after the start of your period. The risk increases if you are about to ovulate. You are at your most fertile on the 13-17 day of your cycle. These dates can vary of course. This is just a rough estimate to give you an idea. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  • Nakeya 11-10-17 | 12:39 PM
  • Hello. My dear, why take the risk? If you aren’t ready for a pregnancy then take the appropriate measures. It’s as simple as that. Unplanned pregnancies can be difficult. For both the parents and the child. What’s done is done though. I think you should be okay since you stopped it. Especially since you took the contraceptive afterward. The chances of fertilization are low in the case you mentioned. However, I would recommend that you be more careful in the future. You can take a home pregnancy test to be sure. That will help eliminate any doubts. Good luck! Let me know if you want any more help.
  • Malone 11-10-17 | 12:57 PM
  • Hey honey. That is quite irresponsible. I know it is not my position to say that, but I think I should. You should be more careful. Not using protection can also cause STDs and what not. Not just an unwanted pregnancy. I hope things worked out for you though. Did you do a home pregnancy test afterward? That can help you with the uncertainty. I’m afraid taking a contraceptive afterward isn’t that helpful. However, it doesn’t hurt either. Good thing you took it then. The symptoms you mentioned might be due to PMS. Where are you on your menstrual cycle? Are you due to menstruation anytime soon? That could be the reason behind the cramps.
  • Williamson 11-10-17 | 01:18 PM
  • Hello. That is quite risky. I would urge you to play it safe next time. Good thing you stopped it when you did though. You said you don’t know if you were ovulating. That is easy enough to figure out. You might not get an exact date, but it gives you a rough estimate. How long ago did you have your period? How long is your cycle on average? Ovulation occurs at the midpoint of the cycle on average. Give or take one or two days. At this time, the odds of conception increase manifold. Use this to guess whether or not you were ovulating at the time. Usually, five days is too early for such symptoms to appear. However, each case is different. I hope things work out in your favor.

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