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Advice for the new girl?

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  • readyforbaby 01-04-08 | 02:46 PM
  • Hello everyone!

    I have been trying to conceive with my partner for just under a year now and I have a few questions and things that I would really appreciate others opinions on so, here it goes.

    4 years ago I fell pregnant by accident and my boyfriend at the time made me have an abortion. I deeply regretted it as soon as it was over but I was young and felt so pressured into it and had no support and was too much of a coward to say no. I have learnt to live with it and have moved on and am hoping that it has not affected my chance to have children.

    For the last almost year my partner and I have been trying to get pregnant. Since the abortion I took the time to get to know my body properly and have payed a lot of attention to ovulation and menstrual cycles in order to avoid being in the previous situation again and also to help with conception when I decided that I was ready to try again.

    So, my last period started on the 11th december 2007. I then ovulated around about the 24th. Yesterday I noticed a slight brown / pink discharge which seems to carry all the signs of implantation bleeding. I have had a very mild ache in my back, similar to when I have a period but nowhere near as bad and I don't seem to have the usual spots on my face that I always get aroud the time of my period. I have been more tired recently than I normally am and have been feeling light headed on a few occasions.

    I know it is very hard to say that I am or am not pregnant without doing a test however I was just wondering if anyone had experienced anything similar to this and then go on to sucessfully be pregnant? Or whether I am just over analysing the things that have always been there?

    Any advice would be greatfully received.


    Rach. x
  • hayley27 hayley27's Avatar 01-04-08 | 03:29 PM
  • Could be it. I would get a test and take it. Go over to the TWW board those girls my be able to help to. I didn't have any inplantation bleeding but some do.
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 01-04-08 | 06:37 PM
  • You're 11 days past ovulation--it's probably okay to start testing.
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 01-05-08 | 08:58 AM
  • Hi Rach,

    Welcome to TBC! Having not had more than a very feint line on a couple of HPT's I can't really offer much help, but agree with the other ladies in that the best way to know is to test with an HPT that picks up a lower level of hCG in your urine. I'm in the UK, so wouldn't be able to suggest some US brands that you could try, but I'm sure that the other ladies here could offer you some help.

    Wishing you lots of luck with TTC, and we hope to hear some "positive" news very soon
  • readyforbaby 01-07-08 | 12:14 PM
  • Not this time. I took a test, it was negative and I have come on very heavily today.

    Looks like we will have to keep trying...not that he is complaining mind you!

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