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  • Christineb Christineb's Avatar 05-25-06 | 01:58 PM
  • We are trying to conceive as well. I would be thrilled with a boy or a girl but we already have a 3 year old boy so I am kinda trying to time it for a girl. But actually the more I think about it a boy would be just as awesome...I know how close my two older brothers. It would be great to reuse all my little boy toys and clothes. Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time concentrating on anything else besides a baby when they are trying to conceive? I tell ya It's gonna be a long nine months if I keep this up...I'm not even pregnant yet....
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 05-25-06 | 06:52 PM
  • I think your right about not thinking about anything else when TTC! I hope it goes well for you! good luck!
  • nickyswifey nickyswifey's Avatar 07-21-06 | 02:52 PM
  • It is THE ONLY thing I can think about and I think I am about to go absolutly crazy! The waiting is horrible!
  • KJCsabre KJCsabre's Avatar 08-01-06 | 07:27 PM
  • I'm not even TRYING quite yet and all I can think about is a baby!