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This is bad

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  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 10-24-04 | 07:23 PM
  • Today is CD 14 for me, the day I've always gotten a positive OPK. However, I took a test a little while ago, and it's nowhere near positive. My last AF was only a day and a half (usually 4.5 days) but I didn't think it would affect when I O'd. Is it possible that I took the test too late in the day? (6:00) I usually take it around 2 or 3, but I wouldn't think that a few hours would affect it. Also, I drank a pop before going to the bathroom, could that affect it? We've been BD'ing like crazy these past few days, I sure as heck hope it wasn't all for nothing. I'm so depressed now.
  • LeAnnimal LeAnnimal's Avatar 10-24-04 | 07:34 PM
  • You know, my luck with OPK's is minimal. But with weird cycles etc. it's possible that O day if different. I don't think the pop would effect it too much. I tried OPK's this month and they never turned postive but my temp rise confirmed i had O'd
    hang in there. I would keep using the opk's just make sure they're not a bum bunch.
  • MImom23 MImom23's Avatar 10-24-04 | 09:12 PM
  • I agree with leann i would contiune to OPK just in case having AF threw your body off. are you charting?? have you had a problem with this batch of OKs in the past? i seem to remember some one but can't remerber who (espicaly with DS banging water bottles together in my ear) LOL
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 10-24-04 | 09:41 PM
  • I'm not charting cuz I never wake up at the same time & I'm lazy.
    But like I said, I've always got a + on CD 14. I've never had a problem w/ these tests, it's the same batch as last month. Last month's AF came a day or two early, too, which changed my cycle length so maybe I'd O late or early. ?? I'm so confused. On a happier note, my boobs hurt like heck, I had a slight fever Friday, and I'm so nauseous I nearly threw up in the grocery store. Maybe I DID ovulate early?? Also, I just want to say again that I'm SO happy for you! You can just tell how thrilled you are by reading your posts.
    I can't wait to join you.
  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 10-25-04 | 12:19 AM
  • I would say keep checking and since you have been
    like crazy I don't think you missed it probably.