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Default Can I be pregnant?

I had a child in 2008 and got an iud put in and had it taken out April 2011. My fiancee and I have been trying to conceive since then. Sometimes my periods are late or I skip them for a month or two and I get my hopes up. I always go to the doc when this happens and take a home pregnancy test and they have been negative. They have checked my hormone levels to see if that is what is effecting my periods and my tests came back fine. Well I am now three months late on my period this is longest I have been without and I havent went to the doctor yet. I took a home pregnancy test last month and it was negative but havent taken one this month. I am experiencing extreme mood swings, fatigue which is normal for me though being a mom anyways, and nausea. Im scared to get a pregnancy test bc I dont want to see negative again but could I be pregnant?
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You need not panic about this secondary infertility problem in your life. You can easily overcome this difficult situation in your life with appropriate planning in this advanced medical research based world where you can easily cure your pregnancy related problem in medical way. I can understand your physical and mental stage at this time. You should give preference to proper understanding your partner needs and emotion very well to get sufficient balance in your marriage life to satisfy each other physical needs and emotion very well. I want to forget those days of my life that are full of happiness and sadness due to my secondary infertility problem. I am here for you to provide sufficient information that guide you right path to achieve your target in short time period that fulfill your whole life with happiness like me. Once we have to attend a marriage party in Ukraine where we met my old college friend who is popular gynecologist of Ukraine. We discuss our problem in detail to know the main cause of my secondary infertility problem.
Today we are living in modern world with less physical activity that creates major pregnancy related problem at early age. You should understand your body signal variable to overcome all problems on sufficient time available. You should understand the importance of regular period cycle that is very necessary to conceive effectively. You can maintain your body hormone level in balance to see sudden magic effect on your help with healthy lifestyle and balanced diet that is the right path to get sufficient energy and proper blood supply to all reproduction system for genuine working. I hope my valuable suggestion clear your doubts easily.
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Have to start from afar ...

I was just 23. At that time, the relationship with the guy was 3 years old, we lived together (in his apartment) ... I fell in love with him, but from the very beginning our relationship did not develop for different reasons, but for some reason we tried to artificially support them ... Very often he asked me to go to my parents, because he believed that there was no love between us !!! because we swear a lot ... "Swear", in his understanding, was all that deviates from his opinion ... that is, if I thought differently, it already belonged to the category: you argue ... But the moment came in the spring and I decided , that we finally part! Gathered and left! but then I returned to him ..... and I became pregnant, but then I had pale-rose discharge and I called an ambulance.They take me to the hospital ... They kept me pregnant for another three days, then I was assigned an ultrasound in another three days ... I could not stand it, I paid, I went there on the same day on ultrasound, there they told me: today nothing to eat, tomorrow morning already do not drink, you have an ectopic pregnancy on the right, tomorrow for surgery, the doctor will explain everything in detail! ...... I heard her voice from a distance ......
What kind of an ectopic pregnancy?! .. What operation ?! The next day I was operated on by laparoscopy, the doctor said that the pipe had to be removed ... "and yes! It's a pity that the right one! "She said (about what she said, I realized after a few years - the right ovary was more active) ... The new year passed, we began to live with my parents and rent an apartment ... In January I fell seriously ill (in December was an operation) - acute sinusitis + chronic bronchitis + acute otitis! He also fell ill: an acute prostatitis with a temperature ... he was treated by an andrologist ... April came-we have a wedding! But after a short time, the discord again began !!! Then I became pregnant again and again we decided not to divorce. But then I had brown discharge and again an ectopic pregnancy. Now they also removed the left tube. Back home, I became apathetic, nothing pleased me, and even irritated ... all the time I thought about IVF! After 1.5 months I agreed to work on vacation and wanted to be alone ... My husband insisted that we go to the sea ... In the plans was after the sea to do IVF! Arriving at sea, I was also not happy ... Then my husband and I broke up, he could not endure my depression. But then I got married a few months later and again for my ex-husband. Now we are preparing for IVF. This is very exciting and I hope my husband and I will not part like before.
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Hello. Your irregular periods could be a cause for concern. If the home tests are coming out negative, then there might be some other reason. Be strong and go to a doctor for a test.IfGod forbids, it comes out negative then try to ascertain the cause of the irregularity. It could be the reason behind your inability to conceive. I hope things work out for you.
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