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Carrie, How did your appt go?

Carrie, How did your appt go?

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  • wymeg wymeg's Avatar 02-26-09 | 11:12 AM
  • Hey, I hadn't seen a post about your doc visit.
    How did it go???

    I went for my bloodwork on Tuesday and they took 13
    vials of blood. I will see the doc on tues the 3rd for the results. There is like 14 tests she is running. Thyriod, Auto Immune Issues, Clotting Problems, Genetic test and I don't even know eveything else.

    I hope you were able to find something out at your visit.
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 02-26-09 | 12:28 PM
  • Thanks for thinking of me.Sorry it's taken me so long to update.I'm trying to fight off the flu.
    I went in to see the doctor and she said that she believe's that my miscarriage was ectopic due to my beta rise.I did only have one beta draw during my pregnancy and at like 21 dpo it was 243.More then a week prior it was less then 25.With the chemicals she doesn't know.I had an extensive blood work done prior to my TR and she said everything was normal.She said that after my next +hpt to call her and she will do beta.I may have to drive 1 1/2 to do it but at least we may have some answers.
    She also said if I don't get another + in the next couple months that she will do another HSG to check and see if maybe there is scare tissue in my tube causing the "hang ups".I told her about my horrible cramps and she asked if I could "still" be pregnant from my last + hpt and I said no.I told her that as a matter of fact I should have O' the day before.
    So to ease her mind she did and u/s and said that my uterus looked good,the lining was perfect.She however couldn't find my ovary's and said there was no cysts or extra fluid in my uterus so it wasn't anything like that.
    I was a little bummed that she couldn't find my ovary's I was so hopping she could confirm O'.
    She also ran a beta and it was 0.5< so I'm not pregnant....Yet! She also ran my progesterone just for giggles.I should get those in a couple of days.I know the number isn't going to be anything due to the fact I was only 1dpo when I had the draw.
    I'm happy with my appointment and she did put my mind at ease.I know now that my body is working a little.Iam getting pregnant and discarding harmful pregnancy's.
    She drew 4 vials of blood!
    Which doesn't bother me besides the fact that I only know of two tests she wanted and it took two different guys two different times and 20 min to find a vein
    .Would you believe right on top of each other?!
    They were new Airmen so I will give them a little understanding for that.I have never had problems with people drawing my blood but with in the last 3 its like an expedition just to get any blood.Then the second guy had the nerve to comment on my thick blood and how I haven't been drinking enough water.I said yeah I haven't had anything I have been on the road since 745 and I live an 1 1/2 away and didn't want to have to pull over to pee.By the time he drew my blood it was 11:53am.He didn't have much to say about it after that.I did say,"yeah it looks like sludge".But he didn't even laugh!
    So long story short my doctor gave me some insight and made it all make since to me.She let me know if there was anything I wanted to have done to let me know.So we will wait a few months and check out my lonely tube and make sure she is clear.If not I get referred to an RE and move onto something else.

    I get pg asap so she can monitor me.I'm not giving this doctor here another shot to screw it up again.
    Well here I sit like 3dpo with some sort of bad cold.I sure hope I didn't ruin my chances this month...though with the + hpt last month this may be the right side this no hope with that side but a girl can always hope.
  • wymeg wymeg's Avatar 02-26-09 | 01:57 PM
  • So glad you got a few answers and your doc put your mind at ease! I want my doc to do a progesterone test as well. I am sorta thinking I have a luteal phase deficiency. Because when I was temping, my temp would go up but it was real erratic from the time I o'd until AF. I am sure that wasn't included in all the tests on tues. So I have to make sure to mention it next tues. We shall see.
    Good luck with your BFP this month!!!!
Thank you wymeg!
countrycutieluv (02-26-09)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 02-26-09 | 02:02 PM
  • Thanks

    I sure hope you get some sort of answers on Tuesday.
Thank you countrycutieluv!
wymeg (02-27-09)
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 02-26-09 | 05:17 PM
  • Wow! Carrie I'm glad you got some answers! And wymeg I hope you get some answers soon too!

    for some BFP's this month ladies!
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