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cheap fertility tests, Dollar Tree Brand YUCK

cheap fertility tests, Dollar Tree Brand YUCK

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  • baby hungry 04-07-06 | 11:53 PM
  • I suggested to my friend to use a Dollar Tree fertility test. I looked online and it claims to measure 20.

    She used a clear blue easy, got a positive right away. The next day her doctor confirmed with a blood test reading of 38. She was worried about losing the baby because of bleeding, so she took a Dollar Tree test (on my suggestion because of the price savings and she was having another blood test the following day), and the results showed a total negative. The next days blood work showed a lvl of 200.

    I guess in some cases they really don't work so great.
  • Sheri Sheri's Avatar 04-08-06 | 12:01 AM
  • (Lurking)

    I had always wondered about those! Our dollar store couldn't stock them fast enough. I sure hope they didn't disappoint too many people!!
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 04-10-06 | 06:39 PM
  • I found that they worked, but they were not that sensitive. I didn't get a positive on one until an EPT test was very positive, therefore over 50 units of hcg.
  • baby hungry 04-10-06 | 06:41 PM
  • hmm that's good to know Amy. Really who ever is making these tests needs to check better the lvls they claim to pick up.