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  • 3picketts 3picketts's Avatar 12-11-05 | 08:28 PM
  • Hey everyone! I know I haven't been here in forever and for that I apologize. I never have time for anything anymore except work, house, Chris and Catie. Not complaining tho!! I have been thru alot in the past few months. My last update was that Chris and I were TTC again. Well, we did conceive and I m/c yet again. I have had several cyst problems and went in for a lap in November to remove a lemon size cyst on my ovary and some polyps in my uterus and found a tubal pregnancy. So I ended up losing my ovary and my tube during surgery. Not great news to wake up to. I have been pretty depressed lately but staying busy and hoping to get back to some kind of normalcy. Since I can't take hormones, I am hoping that my remaining ovary can produce anough estrogen to keep me sane enough to not want to murder anyone!!!!

    I just had my yearly MMG and it came back clear! All Is well for a few more months.It is hard to believe that I am almost 3 months out (cancer free). Time is flying. Catie just turned 14 this week. She is growing so fast and I am trying to be there for every second of it.She is so beautiful and I want to cry when I watch her and know that she is my miracle. I love her so much it hurts.....
    She is cheering all the time and loving it. Thank God that basketball season just ended. I was about to go nuts being at the gym every night of the week. We have a competition coming up soon, those are fun tho.
    Chris is good, we are good. My job is good. My kitties are good. That wraps it up.....
  • Tamsin Tamsin's Avatar 12-12-05 | 06:21 AM
  • :lurking:

    Hey there Wendy - good to hear from you!

    So sorry to hear about your latest loss. Also sorry to hear of the other loss, that of your ovary and tube - you sure have been thrrough the mill hon

    Great news on the MMG though - yeah!

    Wishing you lots of luck for the future!

  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 12-12-05 | 10:51 AM
  • Wendy~

    I guess I should have read this post before responding to the other one. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of both your pregnancies and you ovary & tube. I can't even imagine how you must be feeling. You have been through so much and yet you still have the courage to go on. You have no idea how much I admire you.

    Great news on the MMG. What a relief.

    Take Care and stay strong.
  • cat cat's Avatar 12-12-05 | 07:05 PM

    Lovely to hear an update from you - esp. to know you are still well and truly cancer-free. Catie sounds like she's doing great too!

    I'm terribly sorry about the loss of your two little miracles. That must have been such difficult news to wake up to
  • baby hungry 12-20-05 | 11:25 AM
  • I am so sorry for your loss! That is heart breaking Wendy.

    Good to hear your sweet little girl is doing good, and that you are cancer free. That is beyond wonderful.

    I think of you often. Thanks for checking in.

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