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  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 10-18-04 | 05:17 PM
  • Hey is your new job going? I know you were enjoying when I last talked to you!

    You need to check in more!!!
  • CheekyMonkey26 CheekyMonkey26's Avatar 10-20-04 | 11:46 AM
  • I know... I've been trying to check this more often. Let's see... I started temping this month only because my last 2 cycles were pretty regular finally. I thought I would give it a try. I just need to chart it to see if I can tell anything. DH has actually been reminding me to make sure I take my temp which is good. The only bad thing is that we only BD once, yes I mean only 1 stinkin' time... That's the downer. He's been so tired that he falls asleep before I can even kiss him good night. The job is going extremely well. The program I'm on is finally ramping down. I'm actually only putting in 40 hours a week like a normal person. My average was 50+ a week. Sheesh! I'm glad it's not like that anymore (atleast until I get my new program). This will be a nice break. I've adapted well to my coworkers and to the position. I can honestly say I really enjoy what I'm doing. Thanks for thinking of me. I try to get on when I can. My boss saw me on the other day and was like "What's that?"... I just told him that I have a lot of friends that post here and that's how I can get updates on everyone since I live out of town. He thought that was cool!
  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 10-20-04 | 02:57 PM
  • Glad everything is going so well for you. Hope dh gets some more energy so you can get your groove on some more.