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The choices

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  • 3Princes 09-22-08 | 09:26 PM
  • I guess I shoulda said the 3 choices

    number 1-- do nothing. No chance of pg since my LP is only 5-6 days long with nothing and 7-8 with the B6

    Number 2 --- take clomid and supplemental hcg shots. DO OPKs and have intercourse when the time is right. Pros- no going an hour to the clinic, no taking off work
    Cons- dh is on afternoons so I'll have to wake up, and talk him into it, which at 11:30pm and after he's worked the line all day, isn't always easy

    Number 3 -- take clomid and supplemental hcg shots. Do Opks and have an IUI. Pros- better chance for conception, dh can just go up and do his thing the day of, before he goes to work. Cons- I'll have to take 1/2 day off, and I've already had 2 days off-- for Matthew's school adjustments.
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 09-22-08 | 10:08 PM
  • Whatever choice you make, I am sure it will be the right one. No one can decide this for you. What does your DH want to do?
  • 3Princes 09-22-08 | 10:12 PM
  • Get the snip!

    Seriously, he is on board with what I want. I make 90% of the decisions in this area, always have.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 09-22-08 | 10:21 PM
  • How many days can you take off work?

  • 3Princes 09-22-08 | 10:25 PM
  • Oh... I have the sick days. I just don't like leaving my students so much. They're very babyish and even for Friday afternoon's meeting, they gave the sub a run for his money. I guess they almost missed the bus because they were so loud and rude he didn't hear the call for the buses. I've taken 2 half days and will take one full day next week. This would mean that mid october I'd have to take another 1/2 day.