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  • jenisuzy 02-10-09 | 07:50 AM
  • So I tested and got a BIG SMILEY this morning !!!
    I am very excited but trying to remain semi-calm. I think just the visual of seeing that SMILEY appear made me breathe a sigh of relief that my body is doing what its suppose to be doing (I'm getting impatient since being off the pill since may). Anyways, I know hubby & I need to BD today & tomorrow for sure. The only disappointing thing that I can think of is that yesterday morning I got an error on my OPK, did not re-test since I was scared to waste a stick in case my cycle was another long one, and also my hubby was out out town so no BD at all yesterday, last was early Sunday morning. I would LOVE to think, this is it, but in my head trying to make excuses why it might just not work. Thanks for listening !
  • koala_kaper koala_kaper's Avatar 02-10-09 | 04:59 PM
  • I'm glad you got that
    Now go, get some BDing in
  • jenisuzy 02-11-09 | 08:03 AM
  • Sometimes I think there is just TOO much info to absorb with this whole process !!! I have been using Fertility Friend to chart my cycles and help me out, now after entering my info this am, it goes on to talk about possibly having delayed ovulation/anovulatory cycles, etc. ?????? I am SO confused. Maybe I should just stick with the basics, ahhhh, such things we go thru wanting something so badly !!!!! I am STILL hoping the + OPK from yesterday morning is a good sign and I am ovulating (even though I havent had a huge temp spike). Or maybe the O is happening today ?? Hmmmm
  • eliza_morgan 02-11-09 | 09:38 AM
  • I have been getting positive OPK's for 3 days now...i am hoping that today is the actual O day since it says 24-48 hrs...i figure since i used FMU this morning maybe it was left over surge from yesterday...who knows....its all consuming though...i won't sleep through the night now until AF comes or i get a sucks!
  • jenisuzy 02-11-09 | 10:37 PM
  • I kind of thought that after you got one positive OPK that you dont need to test after that. Something about LH levels being high with the surge and then the following day it would still be high as it levels back down ???? So I just tested yesterday morning and that was there something else I should know so I should be testing more than one day after a + read ?? Thanks

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