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Question ?Clomid Question?

Ok so I have a question about clomid I hear everyone talking about it but am clueless what is it how do take it and like how long should you be ttc before talking to you dr. about it? and can a reg. obgyn prescribe that or do you have to go to a re? and this is prolly a personal question and its prolly different for everyone depending on where you live and ins. and all that but how much does it cost?
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I don't have too many answers for you because I have just taken clomid this month. However, I do know a few people who have been prescribed clomid by their OB/GYN so I don't think it has to come from an RE. As for the cost, my insurance didn't cover it, but they do have generic so for me it only cost $35- I was taking 100mg per day. Docs usually have you take it either from cycle days 3-7 or 5-9. Most docs suggest you get checked out by your GYN or an RE if you have been TTC for 12 months and haven't had success or 6 months if you are over 35. Hope this helps, but I KNOW others on this site will be able to give you more info (Jeanne, Tracey!) Good Luck!
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Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
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I have been on Clomid since July Two Cycles at 50mg, one cycle at 100mg and month off, and this month 150mg of Clomid. It must be prescribed by a doctor and you usually take it on day 3-7 or 5-9. I take it 3-7. At first my reg OB gave it to me then I changed to a specialist. Most will not give it to you usless you have been trying more than 12 months or have previous IF issues. Or over 35 like Heidi mentioned. My insurance does not cover the Clomid. I was getting the name brand Clomid but this month I got generic and it was only $24 for 150mg. I hope this helps.
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Thank you Keepers!
AshFind06 (11-19-08)
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As Heidi & LeAnn have said typically the doctor want you to be trying 12 months or 6 months for >35. However my OB-GYN prescribed it after about 5 months because I wasn't ovulating so there are exceptions. Usually this is the first line of treatment. However I have heard that some RE's are getting away from it and using another drug called Femara (which is what I take now). When I was taking Clomid my insurance covered it so I only paid $10 but that just all depends.
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Thank you hopeful7!
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Originally Posted by AshFind06
...what is it how do take it
It's a tablet that you take orally on certain days of your cycle. Basically it stimulates your hormonal system to boost your follicle production. For people that ovulate, it sometimes helps them produce more than one follicle. In people that don't ovulate it can help them to ovulate. Technically for your first cycle, or first cycle on a new dose, you should be monitored to check that you're not overstimulating (Jon and Kate plus 8!!), and to check that it's doing its job, but I know that some Drs skip this step. Personally I was monitored.
Originally Posted by AshFind06 long should you be ttc before talking to you dr. about it?
This varies. But like the others have said, usually after 12 months if you're under 35, or 6 months if you're over 35.
Originally Posted by AshFind06
...can a reg. obgyn prescribe that or do you have to go to a re?
Either. Your regular Dr might also be able to prescribe it, but this varies on where you live.
Originally Posted by AshFind06 much does it cost?
I think you've got some good advice about the cost, which I can't help you with as I'm in the UK!

I hope this has helped
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