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  • reneeanderson reneeanderson's Avatar 10-21-04 | 06:21 PM
  • Big HUGS!!! I am sorry you feel bad! I will keep my fingers crossed for you and send baby dust your way!
  • ipse99 ipse99's Avatar 10-21-04 | 07:34 PM

    I'm sorry. You're not an idot.. we hadn't been TTCing that long when my SIL got pg right away and I threw a hissy...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    stay away!
  • ChandyRae ChandyRae's Avatar 10-21-04 | 08:59 PM
  • We've only been trying for 4 months and I'm already insanely jealous of anyone pregnant. (Point in case: I cussed out (to dh) a pregnant woman at Burger King today). What really gets me, though, is all the people who get pg who don't even WANT to be. Ugh. Anyway, you're not a bad person for feeling this way, and someday it WILL be your turn. And I have to add that this cycle is looking really good for you so far...
  • Toejammen Toejammen's Avatar 10-22-04 | 12:33 PM



    You aren't the only one that feels that way! I feel like I hate every pg lady I see.

    I agree with the others... your chart looks promising!! I will be praying that AF stays away!

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  • CheekyMonkey26 CheekyMonkey26's Avatar 10-22-04 | 02:42 PM
  • Oh Sandy. . . I'm so sorry hon. I wish it didn't have to be this hard.