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Deciding to have a baby.

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  • Janine Janine's Avatar 08-01-06 | 04:28 PM
  • I agree. Never a good time! But you are young, I'm assuming he is also. It takes young men a lot longer to get used to the idea of havign a baby. Most women are sort of hard wired to want are not. Definitely wait until you both agree on it though, or he'll resent you for having one, and you'll resent him for not helping.
  • MariahsMommy 08-01-06 | 04:30 PM
  • The ladies have all given you some wonderful advice!
    in whatever decision you and your DH make
  • Susan Susan's Avatar 08-01-06 | 04:32 PM
  • Good luck in whatever you decide
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 08-01-06 | 09:39 PM
  • If he is not ready and you are maybe you can talk to him and both of you can agree on a good time to start TTC. That way you can at least start making plans and getting your body and mind healty and ready for a baby. My Dh was not as excited about It at first but now he is!