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Decision time

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  • hopeful7 hopeful7's Avatar 10-10-08 | 11:53 AM
  • This morning (CD 16) I went in for labs & u/s and my follicle has FINALLY matured. It is now 26 mm which is a big leap from 2 days ago. It grew a whole 10 mm in 2 days.

    Also, we've been thinking about some things. Yesterday I brought up the idea of IUI with dh and discussed what they do. However, the dr. has never given me this option. I never though dh would be up for this either. Today dh told me he'd been thinking and that he wanted to go ahead and do this. I was totally shocked! So, as of right now I have a call into my RE to check about the price, and if it would be possible to go ahead this cycle. Today I should be taking my trigger shot so I suppose if they'll let me go ahead with IUI then I would be going in this weekend. This is a big leap for us! We're just tired of going in a few times a month and spending $300+/month and getting nothing. Also, we originally planned on taking a break after this cycle (which was mainly what my dh wanted). But we have decided to keep going. We've came this far so lets get that
  • Keepers Keepers's Avatar 10-10-08 | 11:58 AM
  • Yeah!!! I am so excited for you! I hope that the IUI is affordable there and you are able to do that this weekend. I am shocked that they grew 10mm in 2 days. That one may just be "Boo"! GL let us know what the RE says!
Thank you Keepers!
hopeful7 (10-10-08)
  • pearlgirlulm pearlgirlulm's Avatar 10-10-08 | 12:15 PM
  • Yes!!! I am so excited for you. Sometimes I think that God puts things in our mind (or our DH's) for a reason. I can not wait to see what the RE says.
Thank you pearlgirlulm!
hopeful7 (10-10-08)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 10-10-08 | 12:19 PM

    I'm so excited for you!!!! Oh I hope the RE goes for the IUI!
Thank you countrycutieluv!
hopeful7 (10-10-08)
  • wendysue611 wendysue611's Avatar 10-10-08 | 12:44 PM
  • Good luck Stephanie! I hope this will bring that BFP to you. Everyone here deserves to be parents. I'll be thinking of you!