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"Early" pregnancy tests

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  • 3Princes 09-26-08 | 08:13 PM
  • I hope you get your positive. We had a post about this way back when -- people said when they got their first positive. Some did as early as 9dpo and some didn't even until 14dpo, even on the early tests.

    How old are you, if you don't mind me asking? From your picture, I don't think you'll be setting any Guiness records if you were to get pg again. You still look pretty young and hip to me!

  • saffy saffy's Avatar 09-26-08 | 10:19 PM
  • LOL, no Guiness record here.
    I'll be 43 in February. Mike is 48

    I've not had problems before and always got teased about being fertile mertile.

    He however thinks he has slow swimmers.

    It took them 16 years for their 1st, but he wasn't home much due to being underway in the Coast Guard for months at a time, and her not "being in the mood" kinda gal. So I can't put too much in their length of time cause it was no where normal.