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Ever wonder what it's like to actually be pregnant?

Ever wonder what it's like to actually be pregnant?

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  • AmiKW AmiKW's Avatar 09-25-05 | 07:35 PM
  • The time may be delayed
    the manner may be unexpected
    but the answer is sure to come.

    Not a tear of sacred sorrow
    not a breath of holy desire poured out to God
    will ever be lost, but in Gods own time and way
    will be wafted back again in clouds of mercy,
    and fall in showers of blessings on you
    -St. Therese

    I've always loved this, and kept it in my TTC calendar!
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 09-26-05 | 03:02 AM
  • Ami - thanks for sharing your story!
    it made me laugh - I'm glad your story has a happy ending!

    After 79 months of TTC, if I do ever get the privilege to carry our child and feel the need to have a whinge or *****, then I plan on whinging to myself (or if it's very bad - Neil!!

    Having watched my 3 SIL's carry 8 children between them and seen the way that they've each dealt with their pregnancies, I'd rather be more like the 2 that handled it gracefully rather than one who *****ed and moaned and gave us a run-down of every pregnancy complaint she was having all the way through the 9 months. It was not nice for me to hear her constantly complain, when I would have swapped with her in an instant.
  • BOBmagnet BOBmagnet's Avatar 09-26-05 | 04:05 PM

    Oh, Tracey, I agree! I think I would have had a word or two for that one sister.

    As for what it feels like to be pg...DH and I were just discussing this on Saturday night over dinner. I told him I wasn't ready for adoption yet b/c I didn't want to give up on the chance to actually be pregnant & know what it's like. He laughed & said that is so hard for him to understand...he said you'll never hear a man say something like that...
  • baby hungry 09-26-05 | 05:57 PM
  • lol I'm with you Tracey. After 8 years if I was throwing up every single day I would thank my lucky stars for finally getting such a wonderful miracle. I can only imagine.
  • cat cat's Avatar 09-26-05 | 06:28 PM
  • Lurking, just to agree with you that I think IF does make you more grateful. I can't say I'm enjoying all the pg aches and pains, but I never feel miserable about it because I am so incredibly grateful to be where I am. And I was really happy NOT to be one of those people who never got any morning sickness, because if I hadn't I don't think I could have believed I was actually pg. Right now I'm torn between wanting this to be over so I can see my baby, and loving the fact that she is in there kicking me. If I ever hung around pg women who did nothing but moan about it, I'd probably have been arrested by now

    Praying for all of you that you'll no longer have to imagine being mummies - that you'll hold your little ones in your arms, and maybe first in your bellies (depending on how you decide to grow your families), very, very soon