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Has anyone taken clomid?

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  • Saira Saira's Avatar 08-08-07 | 02:29 PM
  • I never had to be in the mood, we had IUI's, but I remember very little sex in our lives around then. I also remember thinking the cat was possesed and being in a state of constant rage.
  • two_for_jesus two_for_jesus's Avatar 08-08-07 | 03:00 PM
  • It's hard for us to find time for intimacy anyway. I wake up at 6 and work til 5. He wakes up at 8 and works until his last customer leaves. he closes at 6 but whoever is in the shop as of then stays until he's done with everyone...sometimes he's not home until 8 or 8:30. then we've got the normal things to do, laundry, supper...we have church twice sometimes 3 times a week, we have singings on some weekends, and by the time we get everything done it's 12:00 at night and we're both to tired to fool with it. That's why I was kind of worried about it hurting our desire too. B/c when we finally get to we don't want the other one to say "i just don't feel like it tonight". But I am just getting so excited about it. I'm literally counting down the days until I start the pill. I do have a ? though, do I start taking the pill the day that I get them or do I have to wait until my AF starts. B/c I'm really irregular and I never know if I'm going to have a period that month or not. I'll go 3 months and never have one but then again, I started on june 19th and I just stopped on like the 26th or 27th of July and it almost killed me. I was clotting really badly and I was in a lot of pain but they couldn't give me bc to regulate me b/c they said it would interfere with my clomid. So with me I just never know. (wow, i just typed a lot)
  • dawnmarie dawnmarie's Avatar 08-08-07 | 04:46 PM

    as far as i am concerned if you are trying to conceive, in any way, shape or form, the whole intimancy thing goes right down the crapper! when you are "trying" to do it, there is no such thing as it being fun! jmo~
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 08-08-07 | 06:56 PM
  • Quote de dawnmarie

    as far as i am concerned if you are trying to conceive, in any way, shape or form, the whole intimacy thing goes right down the crapper! when you are "trying" to do it, there is no such thing as it being fun! jmo~

    I totally agree!! Sex??? What's that???

    Just to reassure you about the 'psycho' side effects, I didn't get any of them - none whatsoever. Unfortunately I did get visual disturbances and so had to stop taking it, but took Tamoxifen instead and had no side effects whatsoever. I was taking them for IUI's, and so can't comment on if it was successful for ovulation, as I ovulate well with, or without them.

    Wishing you lots of luck! What dose are they getting you to take?
  • Saira Saira's Avatar 08-08-07 | 08:10 PM
  • You'll start the clomid when the doc tells you, usually d3 or d5 after you start AF, but that varies with your treatment. So yes you do have to get AF. Ask about provera if AF doesn't come on it's own. It can bring on AF and I know at least one person who is taking it to get AF, then taking Femera once AF arrives.

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