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Herbs to Avoid When TTC

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  • MariahsMommy 08-01-06 | 04:00 AM
  • Herbs to Avoid When TTC

    Natural does not always mean safe. Herbs that are safe at other times may actualy be very dangerous when you are trying to conceive. Be especially careful when you are treating infertility. Some herbs wil increase your fertility--others will harm it and can even cause miscarriage. With a little knowledge though you can safely choose what herbs to take when trying to get pregnant.

    First, always know what you are taking and why. Read the description of each herb carefully before using it. I recommend reading at least three reliable sources before using any herb or supplement. Herbalists do differ in opinion on certain herbs. Also, there are many people who promote themselves as experts who have no real experience and have not done their research. Far too many alleged herbalists simply copy what they see on one web site.

    Second, avoid herbs that may harm your baby or reduce your fertility. Several popular over-the-counter herbs, including St. John's Wort and echinacea, could reduce your fertility. High doses of echinacea, ginkgo biloba and St. John's wort can damage reproductive cells, can stop sperm from fertilizing eggs and might damage eggs and sperm. If you are taking these herbs it is a good idea to stop until after your successful pregnancy or to find alternatives while you are trying to conceive. The good news is that some fertility supplements like fish oil (Omega-3 EFA) can boost mood and increase your fertility.

    Third, be very aware of the possible side effects. Saw palmetto (used by many women to reduce andorgen levels) can cause birth defects in male babies because of its ability to reduce testosterone levels. Don't take it at all if there is any chance of pregnancy.

    Finally, I recommend that women avoid stevia. It is a popular sweetener because it does not affect blood sugar and has basically no calories. However, itís safety is still in question and the European Union medical advisors refuse to approve it for use there because it has been shown to reduce fertility in rats. It was originally used by natives in South America as a male contraceptive. That alone is enough to make me think twice.

    You can safely use herbs to increase your fertility and help you deal with many other disorders while trying to conceive. Learn what you need to know to keep yourself and you little one safe. Then, relax with a cup of chamomile tea. It is safe and can help you relax--which is always a good thing when you are enduring the stress of infertility.
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-02-06 | 02:40 PM
  • good information! Thank you!