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How do you handle it?

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  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 02-28-06 | 04:21 PM
  • When you hear of yet another BFP and you are still not pregnant, how do you handle it?

    I tend to go overboard trying to be a perfect woman in every other way. I try to have the cleanest house in the world, a gourmet dinner on the table, a perfect body, everything else perfect . . . I do realize none of these are doable, but it is the way I cope. Like, if my reproductive parts don't work as well as every other woman in the world, I need to prove that I am a better woman in all other ways. Ya know?

    Just wondering if I am psycho or if others are like me.
  • baby hungry 02-28-06 | 05:54 PM
  • Your not psycho! Not even a little bit!

    How do I handle it? hmm Well it depends on the day. Some days I won't leave the house. Other days I cry. Sometimes I go shopping, or do a project. Most the time I just have faith that I will be a Mom and this nightmare will end. I pray probably a little to much, and dream even more.

    As far as handling BFP's, I can tell you after 8 years no matter who it is someone elses sucess does not make my failure feel any better. I recognize that my feelings are valid, and know the next day is ususally a little bit better.

    Sometimes I picture myself 8 years old standing waiting to be picked for kickball. It isn't true, but it's easy to think I'm the very last one waiting and waiting.

    Many struggle. Your not alone. (((hugs)))
  • mac71 mac71's Avatar 03-01-06 | 05:39 AM
  • It generally doesn't bother me anymore. Only the family announcements ever got me and only then because a big fuss was made to try and hide it from me. I'm a bit like you though (and only realised it reading your post) that I try to be perfect in most areas of my life. I suppose like you trying to wipe the one failure with a lot of positives.
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 03-07-06 | 02:03 PM
  • Mostly I try to just get on with my life, but I fell that I have turned into a bit of a control freak and a b*tch. I smile less than I used to.

    BFP's - well I either handle them well or really badly - there's no inbetween, and I always cry.

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