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I so do not want to do this anymore!

I so do not want to do this anymore!

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  • baby hungry 06-05-06 | 12:10 AM
  • I am beyond ready to be done with fertility treatments. Do I suck it up and do one last cycle (we are totally out of meds after this anyways), or just toss in the towel now?

    Our meds are already 7 months expired. I would love to take this month off to go see my parents, go to the beach, just relax, but... that means my meds would be 9 months old when I went to use them in July.

    Ugh... I just want this over! I mean I hate to sound negative, but after 10 IUI's, 1 IVF, and way to much sex, I really don't think we will ever get pregnant! My husband wants to keep on pushing along. Sigh.
  • tamilee 06-05-06 | 01:10 AM
  • I'm so sorry we did 10 iuis to no avail and could not afford ivf...I would try one last time. Look at dee after 10 failed iuis and 3 ivf cycles she did an unmedicated iui and got pg. So it can happen. Good luck I know this has been such a long road for you .
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 06-05-06 | 11:23 AM
  • What would I do? That's a really hard one. I would definitely do one more IUI. Later in life you don't want to wonder, "what if". Would I take a month off inbetween? Mentally you need it. A good relaxed cycle might make the difference. Then again, the meds'll be more expired and your vacation will be "tainted" with the knowledge that when you return home you are trying one more time. Or you can do one more now and take vacation with a clear head and heart.
  • baby hungry 06-05-06 | 11:46 AM
  • Thanks you two. The vacation would end up being during the two week wait. I go with my family every year to Virginia Beach, and this year it just happens to be the last week of the two week wait if I do it this cycle. A part of me wants to just do it and get it over with. Another part wants me to say no more to paying out 1200 bucks a month.
  • Celia_M 06-05-06 | 01:06 PM
  • Whether you decide to go ahead or wait, I'd go on the vacation, I'm sure you must need it. If you do cycle at least you'll be surrounded by family whilst you're waiting. If you don't cycle until after the holiday you may be able to enjoy it more, or maybe not, depends how much returning to cycle is going to hang over your head whilst away.
    Whatever you do you're in my thoughts and prayers

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