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I'm trying to conceived for the past two years

I'm trying to conceived for the past two years

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  • Marianne 10-09-17 | 12:50 PM
  • You have many options nowdays. Medicine is in progress. There are special clinics for infertility. I know about BioTexCom in Ukraine. Don't give up. You have a chance to have a baby. Be persistant. Wish you good luck.
  • Kelly99 10-13-17 | 01:34 PM
  • Oh my dear. I know what you are talking about. I spent so many years ttc but I didn't succeed. But I have good news. Our daughter is 5 years old now and we are expecting again. We adopted our daughter when she was 6 months old. And now our surrogate mother is 3 months pregnant with our son. Sounds like a movie, I know. But I'm happy that we found the solution to our problem.
    We were so frustrated when we found out that we are unable to have kids. But we didn't give up and started looking for options. Both my husband and me agreed that adoption is a great solution for us. That's why we asked our friend, who works at the adoption center, to help us. We got our girl and lived happily together for 5 years. Then we decided that our family is too small. My husband said that he wants to have a son. I agreed because I always wanted to have a big family.
    We have chosen the BioTexCom reproduction center because of its prices. We were allowed to divide the amount into several payments. It was important for us. Also, I read a lot of positive reviews about their doctors. Now I know that it's true. So, after all the examinations we returned home. We received a call in 2 months and we found out that they found the surrogate for us. The embryo was transferred and she got pregnant. It was three months ago. We are waiting for our baby so much. I'm extremely happy. And I wish you the same. I'm sure you will get what you want. Just stay positive and keep trying.
  • Anari 10-16-17 | 12:31 PM
  • hello, do not despair, you need to fight for your happiness. Did you undergo a comprehensive examination? What are the results of your survey? Did you try the IVF procedure? I know that IVF procedure is difficult to solve, but it helps many couples. If the IVF procedure does not help, you can take advantage of the surrogacy. We also thought about this for several years, it was very frustrating for us. We spent many years wasted, we lost time. Then we decided that we need to act. We were 39 years old, my husband and I lived together for a long time. We studied in the same class, but at school we did not like each other. After graduation we did not meet for 7 years, and then we met in a cafe. He was with his girlfriend, and I was alone. We exchanged phones and decided to meet in a week. When we met, it turned out that his girlfriend betrayed him with another guy. We started to be friends, we communicated for 4 years. He had other girls, and I have other men. But then he asked me to marry him. I was shocked, but agreed. He really wanted 3 children, but I always put it off. I worked very much, I'm a manager, I could not quit my job at that time. And then ..... it happened that only the surrogacy could help us. We were in Ukraine, in the same place we found both a clinic and a surrogate. The surrogate stayed in Ukraine. She had her own children, she was divorced. We came for childbirth. After childbirth the child was not shown to her. After childbirth, we have not seen her. She did not seek communication with us, and we did not seek communication with her. She received a monetary reward and we did not see her again. The whole process of pregnancy was controlled in biotexcom. So we were calm, she was under the supervision of doctors and nothing bothered us. Of course, we had to overcome many difficulties. For some time we saved money, then our relatives began to discourage us. Many friends have ceased to share our interests. During this time, the circle of our communication has narrowed very much. But we do not regret, we have found happiness.
  • omexoweff 11-01-17 | 02:48 PM
  • Listen, Darling! Your case looks familiar to me.Four years a little long time.I think you shouldn't wait longer. I am not sending any negativity to you. But, I think you shouldn't waste these years as a ttc. Try surrogacy it will really help you guys to continue your life with a new and lovely start! Don't waste more years please, just think practically. You'll get this

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