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Just checking in

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  • ~Lisa~ ~Lisa~'s Avatar 09-28-08 | 11:00 PM
  • Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to check in. Still no BFP for me. I still have issues with temping and figuring this out. LOL....just cant seem to get it together and OKP and Temp and keep some sort of continuity to it.

    A part of me is a little frustrated cause DH doesnt ever seem to want to BD when I think we should. Now, how in the world do we get a BFP if we dont even TRY?!?!?! GGRRHHHHH

    So, although I do have a slight chance for this month, I am not sure it will happen. I am only on CD 28 (still have about 8-9 to go) so, I will still hold out some hope.

    On the bright side, AF did come on her own this past month, which is the first time on about 5 months. (that is always a plus!!) Didnt have to take any meds for that!!

    I hope you all are well, I do come in a check on you, just cant post so much. My work schedule is starting to get a little hectic!!

    to you all!!

    (and congrats to all the BFP's out there!!!!)
  • countrycutieluv countrycutieluv's Avatar 09-28-08 | 11:02 PM
  • Thank you! Hope dh comes around and makes it easier for you to get your
  • saffy saffy's Avatar 09-29-08 | 02:03 AM

    to you!