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  • holly302 09-04-07 | 09:53 PM
  • usually they say it could take a couple of months off BC to get normal cycles.....i wish the best for you!! good luck!
  • gicsc 09-05-07 | 08:32 AM
  • I think the best thing is not to get too anxious just yet, expecially with this being your first month off of the pill. Try to stay busy and keep your mind from obsessing and stressing out. Good luck and remember to have fun while trying.
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 09-11-07 | 08:28 AM
  • and enjoy all the things now that you won't be able to once your preggers!!
    like coffee.........hmmmm.........or a nice glass of wine with dinner......soft cheeses..............the lists goes on and on
  • baby love 09-15-07 | 03:57 PM
  • This is our second month off BC and we're going strong!
    I've heard so many rumors about positions and hints to getting pregnant... any advice from all of you would be appreciated!
  • holly302 09-15-07 | 07:05 PM
  • i found OPK's helpful to me...i don't have really noticable signs of ovulation, so i never really knew when to BD. i have a 30 day cycle so BD the 3 days leading up to O and one day not real familiar with charting, but some of the other ladies here are experts on that....
    as far as positions...we always used misonary or "doggy" mainly for depth. and then i always laid still for about 10 mins afterward...

    there are soooo many things out there that people recommend for conceiving...however, i found the best thing was not to obsess over it everyday (i know, WAY easier said than done) but, it really happened for us on our 4 month and i really thought i was out that month.

    good luck to you.