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New Needlephobe TTC #1 Experiencing Infertility

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Old 10-20-10, 02:47 PM
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Default New Needlephobe TTC #1 Experiencing Infertility

Hello ladies,

My husband and I have been TTC #1 for almost a year now with absolutely no luck. Before we started trying, I went through almost a year of therapy to help "get over" my lifelong fear of needles. Trust me, when I say fear, I don't just mean nausea and dislike, I mean FEAR...tie-me-down-or-I'll-run-screaming-from-the-building fear so bad that several nurses refused to do bloodwork even if I would try because my blood pressure was too high. So, without going through the gnarly details, I made it through the therapy although I am far from "over it" and have gotten through the Day 3 and Day 21 tests (sigh of relief + happy dance because God made Xana

Unfortunately, my Day 21 progesterone levels came back low at 4.63 and, instead of discussing our options like we had planned, the doctor wants to do another Day 21 blood test before we sit down. That big old scaredy-cat (ME,
) is getting worried that this whole process is just going to be endless bloodwork and shots and really doesn't like the unexpected "change in course" for this month.

So, with that LONG-winded introduction (can you tell I don't even like TYPING about needles), I have a few questions for any kindred spirits floating on these boards...

(1) Have any of you conquered a serious phobia to get through infertility treatments? If so, tips, advice, etc, pretty please?

(2) Are there any fertility treatments that don't involve needles, having blood drawn, or otherwise having painful things jabbed, stabbed, or poked in your general direction?

(3) Is there anything I should be doing during the three weeks before the next blood draw to get the progesterone levels up? (By way of background, so far I've cut back on a major caffeine habit but am still at a cup of coffee and two sodas a day and put on a few pounds, although I'm still scrawny at 5'4" and 104 pounds).

Thanks sooooo much for any advice (says the crazy needle lady who really is otherwise a perfectly rational human being, honest,

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Old 10-20-10, 02:59 PM
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I don't have any phobias like that, but I always wondered if hypnosis would work. Have you ever tried it?

I'm guessing that thinking about the upcoming test is as bad as the test itself.
I hope you can find a solution!
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Old 10-20-10, 03:05 PM
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Thanks Sharyn for my first official reply!

I did try hypnosis and it didn't really help me as much as a mix of behavioral therapy and medication, which has let me muddle through so far (although I worry about the meds during pregnancy itself).
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Old 10-20-10, 03:12 PM
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Oh my! You poor thing! I don't have any phobias like that, but I can imagine it must be pretty horrific for you. Unfortunatley, most fertility treatments do involve lots of blood work and needles- although you might be able to find some oral drugs, but I don't know. DH and i had some fertility issues too and we are expecting #2. Good luck to you and welcome to TBC!!!
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Old 10-20-10, 05:44 PM
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I don't have any major phobias either, but I am aware there is oral progesterone supplementation, if that's the issue. I would just grit your teeth and try to get through one more day 21 test to see if some oral treatment can help.

Good luck on getting that big fat positive!
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