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to be or not to be ?

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  • unknownLady 10-30-12 | 03:13 PM
  • so this is my story , the first day of my last period was Oct 12 , according to my ovulation calendar i ovulated between Oct 24-29 i had unprotected sex this past Saturday Oct 27 , the thing is idk if he used the pull out method or not , he was going in & out ( of course ) & then went in one last time , stayed in for about 5 seconds or so & then pulled out slowly , when i got home my panties were really wet & nevermind that i didnt see him ejaculate anywhere else .. He Got up & pulled his Jeans up ( we were in the back seat of a car ) & i dont wanna ask if he did or not :| , im nervous to know , as to if i could possibly be pregnant or not ? & i do not use any sort of birth control ...
  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 10-30-12 | 05:23 PM
  • Well good chance that are. You risk it any time you have unprotected sex. Wait a couole weeks and take a test.
    Also, it's your right to ask, it's your body.
    Does he know you're not on birth control?
  • MollysMommy MollysMommy's Avatar 10-30-12 | 05:24 PM
  • Sorry for the typo's lol was shaking a baby bottle.
  • unknownLady 10-30-12 | 10:46 PM
  • no he Doesnt know , & i know its soon and all .. But ive been having mild cramps in my lower abdomen come & go all day ?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 10-31-12 | 12:51 PM
  • It would be too soon to be worrying about "feeling" anything. But, given what you've said, there is a decent chance that you'll end up pregnant.

    Were you trying to get pregnant?

    You could probably start testing around Nov. 9th.