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  • imagine imagine's Avatar 06-22-06 | 08:39 PM
  • I have never done one of the HPT's that have the plus minus window... Can someone tell me if the + sign is a positive even if one line is real faint or if you can always see both line a little bit on that kind of test.The instructions dont say anything about it.
    I am only 7 dpo and did an HCG shot so I am sure it's still in my system if it is + but the tests I have took before just had the "one line you are two your not" and that kind of test says that even a faint line is considered BFP... I was not even going to test but I was just wondering if the HCG was still in my system because I have been having what feels like Ovulation pains on both sides off and on for the past 3 days.
  • 3Princes 06-22-06 | 08:45 PM

    Why are you testing at 7DPO????

    I would think that it's the same-- a + is a +. Really I just wanted to wish you good luck. I check up on you all the time.
  • MariahsMommy 06-22-06 | 08:51 PM
  • I have read that on a + test, both lines may not be of equal darkness, but if there are two lines its considered positive!
  • imagine imagine's Avatar 06-22-06 | 10:36 PM
  • Im testing at 7 dpo just to see if the HCG is still in my system from the shot I had. I have been having pains and like ovulation pains so I called my doctor and she didnt have any answers so I figured I would see if it's still in my system and I guess it is!

    I hope it stays positive!!! and if not I have a laporoscopy (sp) on the 5th Im not looking foward to that.

    Thanks for checking up on me!! I need all the help I can get sometimes!! lol
  • 3Princes 06-22-06 | 10:41 PM
  • Hope you don't need the lap.
    I'm just worried because someone from this site said she did the same thing, and when the test came up negative she assumed the HCG was out of her system. Then she tested the next 2 days and it was positive but she wasn't pregnant. I just don't want you to be disappointed.
    I hope this is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO it for you. I think about you often and hope this is it. Let us know what the other tests say....