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  • valeriearnold valeriearnold's Avatar 05-21-07 | 08:27 AM
  • [SIZE=2]for this month things has been really werid. the 5th and 6th i had some light pink spotting seen only 2 times. thought maybe was implatation. then on may the 18th i started some light pink spotting again thought this time maybe mother nature was going strike. well for the next 2 days to follow it never developed into a period. it remain a light pink spotting that i only seen a few times only when i wipe. is this a sign something is wrong or is there another possility here, confuse here never had this happen before.[/SIZE]
  • jennigirl jennigirl's Avatar 05-21-07 | 09:55 AM
  • I've read that the "average" woman (whatever that is
    usually implants 8-10 dpo, but can be as early as 6 or as late as 12 dpo, so if the first instance of spotting was implantation, you should be able to test by now to know either way. Had you already ovulated before the first instance of spotting? Are you going to test?
    Good luck!!
  • baby hungry 05-21-07 | 10:20 AM
  • Hmm it could be several things. When is AF due?
  • Dopey406 Dopey406's Avatar 05-21-07 | 10:21 AM
  • Have you tested? This happened with my first pregnancy. I thought my period had arrived for a few days, then I tested and it was positive!! So maybe a test wouldn't be a bad idea...
  • valeriearnold valeriearnold's Avatar 05-21-07 | 12:28 PM
  • the reason i thought it was mother nature hitting was thursday night i had real bad cramps so bad i had to take something for them just to get some sleep. has some mild cramps friday. saturday and sunday i had nothing and it never turned into a full period like it should have or at least what i thought it should. my period should have been may the 8th. i had a blood test done may 10 and it was negative. thats why im wondering if it was my period or something is wrong or did i predict my ovulation date wrong.

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