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question for ladies ttc

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  • Liz_l Liz_l's Avatar 01-30-10 | 10:40 AM
  • Has anyone had their periods change because they were ttc? I've had consistent periods since I was 14. I've always had a 28 day cycle and a period that lasted 5 or 6 days. This cycle, my period came a day early, was really heavy for 1 day, then I just had a little spotting yesterday and this morning. I'm just trying to figure out everything, so any insight from you ladies would be great. Thanks!
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 01-30-10 | 01:26 PM
  • I know for myself, I was the same as you. I started my period when I was 12. My periods were always a 28 day cycle and I bled for 6 days. Even after my first 2 kids my periods went back to being the same. When I got married for the 2nd time and final time, I was 29, my periods changed. I had been on the Ortho Evra for about 9 months and decided to get off. We wanted to start trying for our own kids together and periods were different. I now start anywhere from day 26 to 28 and only have 1 1/2-2 day periods. It is very different to me and sometimes I feel like I'm not bleeding enough. That was 5 1/2 years ago and my dh and I still haven't concieved on our own.
    I have also been told that our periods can change every 7 years. Some may be noticeable changes and others not so much.
    I hope this helps a bit. I would just watch to see what happens next month and if its the same, talk to your doctor. Take care hun...
  • Liz_l Liz_l's Avatar 01-30-10 | 09:00 PM
  • Thanks Jlynn for sharing your experience. I'm going to keep an eye on it.