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Default Rantings, ravings and all

I am sad, dissapointed, and even a bit irritated at DH right now and couldn't think of anyone else I would prefer to vent to than to you ladies...

I am on CD#18, which last cycle meant O, I know it won't necessarily mean that for this cycle, but anyways, so I felt that last night was a MUST night. Well DH and I never got it going. He was tired and laid in the bed, and I was selfish and finished watching my CSI episode, and then came to bed expecting he would want to be all over me...well the truth was he didn't. I can count on one hand the amount of times he has NOT been interested since we've been married. Well I felt like saying "TOUGH, buddy, there are times I am not interested, but know that I want to take care of your needs!", but instead I issued a polite response of "it's ok if you don't want to..." (thinking I was being nice and he WOULD want it!). He said 'ok, I love ya' and turned around and was snoring within 15 seconds! UGH! I laid there feeling rejected and greatly dissapointed....couldn't sleep until about 12:30 (2.5 hours AFTER going to bed!).

I woke up this morning stil sad and dissapointed and want to tell DH about it and will, when I get home. But honestly do I have a reason to be mad, I don' want the guy just performing, I want him to want to conceive also. Maybe this is God's way of telling me to stop trying to be in control ALL the time and of EVERYONE!

I know he goest to bed dissapointed at times when I don't feel like performing, so it is give and take, but I feel like I have lost my 'window' and I feel almost a loss...does that make any sense?

Well maybe I won't have to worry about the August thing, DH just took care of that (I didn't even share my thoughts with him on it, because I had decided to go for it).

Anyways, I am not feeling the best right now (think I have a sinus infection), so that might be contributing to my emotions).Tthank you ladies, you are a lot of help, it helped just typing and it will further help as I read your responses. What an amazing place to come to every day!

TTC#3, C#3, CD#18

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I know what you mean. I get so frustrated at times but maybe you wont O until tomorrow and you can BD tonight? Thats possible!
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Thank you Keepers!
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I don't know if this is how your DH feels but mine is like "It will happen when it happens" He doesn't care that yet another month may pass if we miss the right night. I guess all we can do is BD when they are willing and try little things that might help them not refuse. Of course there have been times when I get all shaved and pretty smelling in a sexy little nightgown and I get turned down. But it does go both ways. It is all give and take. Hopefully you can BD tonight and wont O until tomorrow!!!! Light some candles when the kids go to bed and perhaps he will get the idea!!! Give him a nudie back massage. I am sure he wont be able to resist then!!!
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Thank you wymeg!
hopetobemomofthree (11-18-08)
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Aww, good luck! Maybe you didn't miss your window.
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Men don't have the hormones and ovaries and womb that scream at us to beat the 'ticking clock', so they are going to behave and respond differently.

With you watching your TV program, and then saying "it's ok if you don't want to" I'm guessing that your Hubby didn't realise that BDing was so important, and if he did then he might have not gone to sleep.

If we want our other halves to realise how important things are to us then we need to talk to them. Men never have (and never will be) psychic, they don't have 'women's intuition', they don't pick up on the emotional stuff so easily because they're wired differently. So if something is important to us then it's up to us to make this clear.

Keep communicating hon, as I said, he's not the one with the popping ovary, so he's not going to know when the timing is crucial. Cover your bases tonight, you're still in with a chance
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