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  • Sadie5104 08-16-04 | 01:41 PM
  • How do you get the smiles in the post so I don't have to go to edit???? Help Help
  • ~babydoll~ ~babydoll~'s Avatar 08-16-04 | 05:04 PM
  • If you want to use smilies you have to click on "new reply", not use this quick reply feature. The smilies will be to the right of the text box.

    Yes, I got pg 6 times on IUIs and lost them all. I have been Dx with several different issues that I'm being treated for. I did feel some aches and pains and weirdness during my 2wws; some of it was the shot, some of it was in my head, and some of it was real . . . it's just hard to tell what. You don't start really "feeling" pg until the hCG starts to build up a little more in your system, and by that time, it will show up on a test. I hope your feelings are real ones!
  • Bethann73 Bethann73's Avatar 08-17-04 | 11:16 AM
  • I also wanted to add... When I was pg I felt nothing during the 2ww.. until the the day AF was due I felt what seemed to be AF cramps.. but by then I already knew I was pg.
    Good Luck!!
  • Sadie5104 08-17-04 | 04:55 PM
  • Well thanks for answering cause i'm confused about it all.. Like i said before i had pain in lower tummy fo a while now and my boobs are sore. So i'm thinking AF will be here Thursday or Friday... I might wait to go to the doctors on friday just to see if i get it. Thats what happened last time I didn't get it on thursday so I went to my appointment and they did a urine test and it came back negative.. Then friday morning at work guess what I received AF.. So i might just wait. It's great to know that your really not suppose to feel anything.. I hope this time it brings me & DH a

    . Pray for us...

  • Sadie5104 08-20-04 | 02:05 PM
  • Ok here i go we got the
    on thursday when i went to the doctors.. Then after i got back to work AF came a flowing.... I'm very upset cause this was our 2nd IUI
    with no success. We are going to take a month off cause my doctor will be out on vacation the week he needs to do the IUI on me.. I feel a little relieve that i dont have to go right back into it again alot had came off of my shoulders.. I will keep everyone posted in the next month.. And i wanted to say thanks for caring and wondering how everything want...
    Next month we are moving up to injectables too... My doctor said that the injectables should work...
    But i will talk to everyone very soon wish me luck in the next month or soo.....

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