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SARAH???? (DCNANNY)......

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  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 08-09-08 | 05:33 AM
  • [SIZE="5"]When the HELL did you get your BFP??????? [/SIZE]

    I've looked back through the posts on this board, and I couldn't find it anywhere, but then I saw that you posted it on the TWW board!!

    Tell me all about it hon! I don't go on the TWW board, cos I never consider myself being in it!!!

    I want to hear all about it!!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-13-08 | 06:54 PM
  • I'm sorry Tracey!!!


    I went on vacation with my boys (left DH home) to visit my mother and sister at her beach home in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It was a huge production because I was supposed to get the witch early in the trip and my RE had to help me make all these special arrangements for base hormone testing, getting a new round of clomid, doing the base transvaginal u/s to check for residual follies.... It was becoming a nightmare.

    Anywho.... I tested while there on Monday and got this tiny tiny tiny shadow line on Monday or Tuesday (there's a post in the 2ww) and then gave up on the darn dollar store tests and got a FRER test and got a decent line.

    I had to tell DH over the phone and that was cruddy and lacking in emotion.

    We decided to sort of play it down or keep it casual since I have had two losses. I went for my first hcg test today and I go back on Friday for the follow up to make sure it is doubling in a healthy way. They will also do a transvaginal u/s then to check for a sac/baby....

    My hcg was 2800 this morning and my progesterone was 21.9 (they like it above 20) -- so we are off to a decent start. I am even beginning to be queasy for the better part of the day and night, so I am hopeful this bean will stick.

    Thanks for asking !!!!!

    I sure hope you are joining me soon!! Any new news with your new doctor/hospital??
  • Tracey and Neil Tracey and Neil's Avatar 08-14-08 | 03:13 AM
  • Aw Sarah! I'm glad to read your story! I'm so totally chuffed for you! I remember the part about sorting out the scan and bloodwork while you were on holiday, just missed the (most important) part about the BFP!!!!

    I haven't got a new Dr/Hospital, we don't get a choice of specialist over here, you get who you're given!! Haven't got an apt to go and see the clinic where the IVF will be done, I'm fed up of waiting for all this. Psyched and geared myself up for it to happen and then..... diddly squat! Oh well.

    Good luck for your test on Friday, am thinking lots of doubling thoughts!!
  • Oreo Oreo's Avatar 08-14-08 | 08:46 AM