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Saw the Doc today...And

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  • KinCali 11-08-04 | 09:56 PM
  • I get to do the trigger shot tonite at 10 and on wednesday morning at about 9:30, we will do the IUI. Of course we have to go make a visit at the infertility institute to get the hubbies sample washed and cleaned...I have 3 follies that measure 18+ mm, and up to 6 or 7 that measure around 10 or so....I sure hope this is the cycle...But I have one more round of meds if not and then after the first ...I will find a new doctor thru my new insurance...Hubby is a bit out of sorts that we get to go to the clinic to deposit his sample...hahaha...but he is a trooper....

    Get this...Over the weekend we went on a Harley ride to San Mateo ...where my hubby bought me my christmas present...a pair of chaps, a leather jacket and leather gloves...I told hiim you know what will happen now for sure...! Ha...He says I have a very nice butt when wearing my chaps...!! He walked behind me all day on Saturday!

    Keep ya posted....

  • the_littleminx the_littleminx's Avatar 11-10-04 | 01:54 PM
  • Got my fingers crossed for you that this month is your month!

    The bike ride sounds fun, and what a sweet hubby.
  • bjlmom bjlmom's Avatar 11-11-04 | 12:26 AM

    I will cross my toes too for you hon....