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So are we or aren't we?

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  • missfanciie 01-21-11 | 12:33 AM
  • Ok everyone I'm so confused here!! Maybe some of you can shed a little light on my situation. My periods are always normal and regular, I can calculate them right down to the second (just about). Well, my period came 12/21/10 and it lasted for it's normal four days. Well me and my SO had sex around the 7-8th of January. My period was due 01/18/11 and it has yet to show up. A week prior to my period due date I started having these following symptoms: breast tenderness, cramping, mood swings and itching (my chest, and upper back and shoulders). I attributed most of this (besides the itching) to PMS. Well, on the 18th my AF was a no show! I've been feeling very nauseated and I've been a bit constipated since last week. My breasts are tender and my nipples are a bit sore and itchy as well. I've been secreting a little bit of clear fluid from my right nipple also. I've been extremely tired and cramping. I have started checking my temperature because I've been feeling VERY hot like it's a radiating heat that comes over me. For the past couple of days my temperature has been between 99-101. I went to the dollar store and got two pregnancy tests. I took one yesterday, which was negative and the other today and it was negative as well. So, I'm not sure if the test was just not sensitive enough and I am pregnant or I'm not pregnant and my period is just going to skip this month. What do you think?!
  • lauralkemp lauralkemp's Avatar 01-21-11 | 01:27 AM
  • Well, you're only a day or two late. If you feel truly concerned call your doctor and see if you can get a blood test. They are alot more sensitive and accurate. BTW have you been taking any new vitamins, meds, or such? Those things can affect your period as well as pregnancy results.
  • missfanciie 01-21-11 | 01:36 AM
  • thanks for replying lauralkemp. well as for vitamins yes, ive been taking those women's one a day vitamins for a couple of years. Before i got pregnant with my first baby i was taking those vitamins, but i was on birth control and i used the plan b pill as well and still ended up pregnant.. i stopped taking them for a while and then i started back on the vitamins about a year ago and they have never altered my period. no new meds or anything out of the norm either.
  • amitrat amitrat's Avatar 01-21-11 | 10:37 AM
  • I would wait a day or 2 and if AF doesn't show up, I'd test again. GL and welcome to TBC!