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Something about infertility

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  • Marlana 11-08-17 | 08:48 AM
  • Thank you for your informative post, Alisa. It's true that treatments and adoption procedures are emotionally very painful. However, there are some clinics which provide best facilities and make your experience worth a while. I am gratified to hear about your pregnancy. The clinic in Ukraine is one of the best. The staff and doctors all are well trained. It's good that you share your story with everyone so women with infertility can benefit from it. You can fight against infertility through positive attitude and strong determination and if you have your husband and loved ones support than crossing the hurdles becomes easier.
  • Latrina 11-08-17 | 09:00 AM
  • Hi Lisa! I'm glad to know that you are now pregnant and this is the most pleasant moment of any woman’s life. You are a brave lady. You fight against Infertility. You are a role model for other women’s. You took a good step, it’s really a good step because everyone is not ready for treatment. I am Glad to hear your story because your story is a ray of hope for those women who are upset and don’t go for a cure. I know these medical procedures are very expensive and emotionally exhausting. Because I also spent these moments. There are lots of clinics in the world. I know about a Top clinic in Ukraine from which I have taken my treatment. You may contact them and see. They are a great team of experts. They are very professional. My good wishes are with you. Best of luck.
  • Pinkerton 11-08-17 | 09:07 AM
  • Hello, Alisa. I am shocked to see the statistics about infertility. Infertility has become so common. Sometimes, I wonder that some people cry to have a baby while some abort their babies. Why is nature so unjust? I wish there was a solution to end infertility permanently. Yes, treatments for infertility are very expensive. The treatments and procedures for infertility are not at all pocket-friendly here in the USA. In some other countries, they are affordable. However, it is not easy to leave your job and country to go for treatment in some other country. It takes too much time. I have my baby through surrogacy. We were not able to afford it in the US. We had to go to Ukraine, as the clinic there was affordable. We were satisfied with their services. Their packages were economical too.
  • Ressie 11-08-17 | 09:16 AM
  • Hi girl. The battle against infertility is not a bed of roses. I agree with you that fighting against infertility is really a hard journey. You have to be strong both emotionally and physically. You must have a positive attitude. I was suffering from ovarian cancer. My both ovaries were removed. The cancer had affected my ovaries. Along with ovaries, my uterus was also damaged. It was really a hard time for me. I totally lost hope of becoming a mother. I thought that I would die childless. At that time, I came to know about surrogacy. I talked to my husband and family about it. They were okay with it. We chose a clinic with quality service and which was economical too. I have my own baby now. Credit goes to surrogacy.
  • Ellsworth 11-08-17 | 09:24 AM
  • Hi Alisa. I agree with you. Infertility is really hard to fight against. The ratio of infertility is shocking. I even agree that infertility procedures and treatments are expensive. However, some people go for it just because they want to have a baby. Some people can afford it easily. They find no problem in opting these procedures. Some people really find to have the baby. However, they are unable to afford it. I was also unable to carry a baby. I opted for surrogacy. I found it really expensive in the USA. I searched a lot for an economical clinic. I came to know about a clinic in Ukraine. Their packages were so pocket-friendly that I cannot resist sharing it here.

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