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  • ~*Jeni*~ ~*Jeni*~'s Avatar 01-14-05 | 05:30 PM
  • May I ask what type of herbal supplements you are taking?
    I have also decided to use the time (until DH says it's time to TTC-which might be December) to get my body in really good shape for pregnancy. My last two PG's I puked the entire time and was so unhealthy. I want to start the vitamins early on, especially after my nurse today told me that you should start taking Pre-nate's like 3 months before you start TTC. So i will start those today. I am still on the Depo shot. My next injection is due next month, Feb., and DH said I am not going to get it. He doesn't want to TTC now...maybe later in the year, like Dec. like I said, but we will use condoms until then.

    So, in answer to your other post about what I am doing to prepare...that was it. Taking vitamins and stopping my shot. Maybe cutting out some of my caffeine intake, and a little more exercise.

    But I wanted to ask about those herbal supp. I was also interested in learning what herbs can help what in TTC.


    Hope to talk to you more soon.
  • Sonji Sonji's Avatar 01-18-05 | 11:51 PM
  • Hi Jeni

    I'm so sorry this post is so delayed but I'm here now. I'm glad you can join us here. I haven't checked this board in a while but I'll be glad to chat with you. It sounds like you and DH are on the right track. It sounds like the same conversations I had with my fiance (although the condoms were only around for like a week). The first thing I did was make an appointment with a naturopath (luckily my health insurance covers it). She took a history and did some bloodwork and then prescribed the supplements I needed. My cycle was really long and irregular (I was O'ing around CD26 if at all) and this current cycle it looks like I O'd around CD16-CD18. I'm on a host of supplements to help not only with TTC but also with my diabetes. I'll try to list them all (although I can't guarantee that they are all for TTC)

    Metformin (prescription not supplement) 2xdaily
    Alpha Lipoic Acid 2x daily
    A multi vitamin 1x daily
    Ultra Pure Fish Oil 1x daily
    Chromium Picolinate 2x daily
    Fertility Blend (at my own direction . my naturopath doesn't think it helps) 2-3 x daily
    2 tinctures (1 at CD1-14 and another at CD15 to AF) 2x daily
    Tincture 2 contains Wild Yam and Chaste Tree
    Tincture 1 contains the same with another ingredient (i can't remember what it is and I'm out of it so I can't check the label)
    Baby Aspirin 1x daily
    B-complex 1x daily

    Like I said before this combination was my prescription from my naturopath. I would highly recommend a trip to see one as they are tailored to each individual and their needs.

    Best of luck on your journey. Please don't hesitate to write back.

    Talk to you soon

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