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Is it too early?

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  • 3Princes 09-15-08 | 09:09 PM
  • Ooh.. i don't know. I'd wait it out and test again in the morning if af doesn't come full force.
  • LAB LAB's Avatar 09-15-08 | 10:20 PM
  • The dip tests are usually way more sensitive IMO. Its always taken me forever to get a positive POAS test after I've gotten my positives from the dip tests.

    I agree about testing again in the morning if AF doesn't show.

  • Anari 09-15-17 | 05:23 AM
  • Hi, I'm interested in your opinion. My husband and I are going to Ukraine soon. Because we want to use the service of surrogate motherhood. Even in our country we met with one married couple who advised us the Ukrainian clinic. We trust our friends, especially since they also were in this clinic. But I'm interested in different opinions, from different people. Therefore, I am writing this on the forum, because I know that when people sit on the forum not under their own name, they are more sincere. Therefore, I hope that you will tell me any additional information about this clinic. We are going to go to BioTexCom. My husband and I decided for a long time on this, we thought for a long time that it is better to continue IVF or to stop it. The fact is that we had many unsuccessful attempts at IVF. Therefore, we are completely disappointed in IVF. This is because we spent a lot of money on IVF, and also my health is not ready for new attempts. Therefore, we decided that it is better to choose on a maternity basis. In addition, we already know a lot about the maternity. We thought about this a lot. We read a lot of information on the Internet. Unfortunately, in Europe this is prohibited. Therefore, we are forced to go to another country. But, in Ukraine it is cheaper than in Europe. In Europe, a non-commercial surrogate motherboard is allowed. But we do not want to ask our girlfriend to become a mother for us. We think that this is an unacceptable option. You know, many people tell us that we must rely on fate and release this matter. They say that if we lived without children for a long time, then we will live on. Yes, we have learned to live without children, but why continue? Why should we continue to live like this if we can change our lives? If the Medina developments can help us achieve our dream. Therefore, we decided to go to Ukraine. We hope that everything will go well, because we are very worried. It's just unbearable, it seems to me that my heart is beating so hard. I do not sleep at night, I'm already worried. It seems to me that the last time I was so worried when I entered the institute. It's just unbearable .... waiting is a nightmare.

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