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Too soon to be worried?

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  • raylynn 11-07-04 | 10:01 AM
  • Thanks so much everyone for all the replies and advice. I really appreciate it! I will keep everyone updated as to what I find out at the doctor on Nov 15.
  • Carriebear1977 Carriebear1977's Avatar 11-07-04 | 08:34 PM
  • Hello and Welcome to the boards. There are alot of intelligent women on these boards that have gotten me through some tough times. Now is a good time to start probably checking things out and just making sure you are healthy and prepared for having a little one so its great you decided to ask questions with your doctors appointment. Unprotected sex for over a year I would consider trying also in my own opinion and based on what my doctors have told me in the past. I agree with the rest of the posts that it may be ovulation that you may need assistance with because of the irregular periods. Good luck with the doctors appt, dont be afraid to ask plenty of questions, Ive learned that if you dont ask them you wont get the answers you need.

  • cat cat's Avatar 11-07-04 | 08:50 PM
  • Our fertility specialist told us that we shouldn't bother with trying to pinpoint ovulation, we should just have sex 3 times a week or so, and we'd have just as much chance of conceiving as if we did the temping, the OPKs, all that jazz.

    If your cycles are that irregular I'd say that is good reason to go to the doctor even if you'd not been trying for over a year.

    It's nice to have you join us - hope the doctor can find some answers for you, and in the meantime, we're here for advice and support whenever you need it
  • baby hungry 11-10-04 | 01:59 PM


    I agree with everything all the others. We did the unproteced let's see what happens thing for a year before we added charting and opk's. Both my doctors count that first year.
  • erinjj erinjj's Avatar 11-10-04 | 02:07 PM

    Hi and welcome to our group!

    I totally agree with the advice you have already gotten. I definitely think you should make an appointment and start invesitgating your irregular cycles now.