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  • liu291 08-04-17 | 09:01 AM
  • hi.
  • liu291 08-04-17 | 09:08 AM
  • What can one do when encountered with Polyps in the uterus? i am suffering from polyps since the age of 18. As a kid i had no sign of polyps in Uterus. initially doctor said nothing, i took medicine, underwent several treatment. after getting married i got to know that due to that lump in my uterus i can not carry my own baby. doctors are suggesting to operate the polyp but i am afraid of any surgery. this a a serious issue i don't want to take any decision in hurry. lots of scan lot of tests i have done. there is another problem my relatives are not aware of my health condition; so there is constant pressure from their side to. if i do not operate the polyp then also there is less chance of getting pregnant. i am stuck in between! i really don't know what to do. it is not that i don't want to follow my doctor's instruction but i am unable to make my mind. Symptoms include irregular menstrual bleeding and bleeding. currently i am taking hormone medication and doctors are suggesting surgery.

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  • maria52 08-04-17 | 09:23 AM
  • . Having such an information shared in such a big forum is worthy the praise. It has given me an emotional zeal to almost lose myself. What you have to understand is that, when you are in this forum, you will never be short of ideas. Many women with infertility issues have learned and shared their experinces here. It is these experiences that give someone the direction which to take in pursuit to fertility.It can't be taken forgranted. What I can advise you is that if your sister has tried all hormone stimulating drugs and it never worked, kindly tell her to visit BioTex clinic for either ivf or surrogacy. I can vouch for the clinic as I am one of the people who went through the same process in this clinic. She will never regret.
  • indiasummer375 08-04-17 | 09:25 AM
  • Don’t mind at all. You should never worry anymore. In this forum, I bet your are in the right place where you will get the best solution to her problem. I know you have faced many challenges in her life as you tried to seek fertility treatment. But I can assure you after reading the many confessions in this forum, you will never regret. You will gain hope again and together you shall merrily celebrate. Most of the problems arise with ladies in situations where we tend to ignore and later they develop into a very big and major problem. The ultimate price is stress and anguish which is another problem in itself. The best advice is seek medical fertility procedure which I know will go along well with her. I don’t know whether you have ever been at BioTex clinic in Ukraine. It is a clinic at the heart of Ukraine and it offers the best ivf in egg donation. I could vouch for this clinic and urge you to go there. I am certain that you will never regret. So, try to encourage her as all is not lost. You do not have to fear anything in terms of medical fees. Everything is done at a cost friendly fee which yo can easily afford.

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  • liu291 08-04-17 | 09:28 AM
  • i would like to thank all of you. you have given me so much attention and love. thank you.

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