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Trying again..

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  • ProudmommyT 05-14-12 | 09:59 AM
  • Friday I will be at 6 weeks from having my first child. I am wanting help with figuring out when the best time for conceiving again would be. My partner is planning to get fixed in the next month or this little window before then is my only chance. Any suggestions? Or help, please?
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 05-14-12 | 10:12 AM
  • Hi ProudmommyT! Welcome to Baby Corner and congratulations! I'm assuming your baby is 6 weeks old? Your body will need some time to heal before you conceive again. Have you asked your doctor if this is ok? He would probably the best person to ask. I'm pretty sure though he will tell you to wait awhile before conceiving again, but I have heard of others getting pregnant soon after. How does your partner feel about it? Maybe ask him to wait to have his procedure?
  • ProudmommyT 05-14-12 | 10:16 AM
  • I have asked. But he basically said if it doesn't happpen, then to bad. He knows I want another child..but he does not. So I was just wondering because it'd be a blessing if I was to be pregnant again..
  • Elizabeth Elizabeth's Avatar 05-14-12 | 10:29 AM
  • I would sit him down and have a serious conversation about this with him and explain to him how you feel. I think it's horrible he is not considering your feelings about this and is going to make it impossible for you to conceive in the future. That's not fair to you. He's making you rush into conceiving again very soon after having a baby, which will be very hard on your body. You do need to heal!

    So he doesn't want another baby now. That might change in the future and if he has that procedure, it's permanent. Does he realize that? Maybe what you can do is offer to get an IUD which is a very good form of contraceptive and can be removed at any time. I had one for 5 years and no condoms, and no pregnancy. You don't even know it's there.
  • MrsS1stbaby MrsS1stbaby's Avatar 05-14-12 | 12:58 PM
  • I would definately not be trying again if my baby was only 6 weeks old, that is just my opinion. Your body needs time to heal and you and the baby need time together.

    I agree with Elizabeth though- you need to have a serious talk and do some serious thinking on your part. How many children you have together should have been something you dicussed before you had the first one, not after. If your partner does not want any more children at this time, that's fine. He may change his mind. But having that procedure if permanent and is not fair to you. I'm not saying he should be forced into making more babies b/c you want them, but you shouldn't also be faced with a forced decision of having no more with this person. Especially if you envisioned you would be together for the long haul. Having that procedure should fall under the category of Family Planning....and you & your baby are his family now. You should make this sort of decision together. There are other forms of birth control to use until you both come to a decision, later in the future, on whether or not your family is compelte.

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