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Trying to conceive but unsucessful

Trying to conceive but unsucessful

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  • el123 11-16-18 | 06:55 AM
  • Quote de ezabel
    Hey Indu01! My story is somehow similar to you but its way too worst. I was also able to conceive a few months back but had the miscarriage. I tried to conceive so many times but failed. My world was quite calm and happy until I met my doctor who told me about the thing called infertility. I was shattered. I lost happiness, my happily married life.
    But I have left all these ways too far and I am looking forward to surrogacy treatment.This struggle is very tough.I never imagined coming to such forums or discussions.but now I don’t want anyone to be left alone the way I was. gather all your strength and find your happiness. you must not wait anymore to take any decision just make a step forward and find the solution to your problem. Love.
    Yes, I agree with you, surrogacy is not a very easy thing. And some couples are very doubtful whether to take this step. However, it is surrogacy that is the only chance to find a child for many childless couples. And it is important to take a responsible approach to the choice of the clinic in order not to waste money. Now, not many countries provide this opportunity. In many countries, this option is forbidden. Therefore, a huge number of couples have to go abroad. However, there are some good clinics abroad. But, before making a final decision, it is necessary to become familiar with the laws of the country to which you are going. My friends also went to a surrogacy clinic abroad. It was abroad that they were able to find a clinic with a good rating and reasonable prices. They also considered American clinics as a possible option. However, they abandoned this idea later. Since there, absolutely inflated prices. They are not very rich people to spend money in vain. Therefore, they abandoned America in favor of a European country.