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Trying for my first.

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  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 03-09-10 | 01:24 PM
  • Actually wife, I was just waiting for emolls to guess and then I will give my answer. I also have been sick with a cold the last few days and haven't felt like writing much. When I log on the other day I was going to give another clue, but saw that you had already guessed. You sound excited about your answer...your so funny. Its like I can hear your excitement or something...haha.

    I'll tell you as soon as I get a guess from Emolls, k?
  • wife06 wife06's Avatar 03-09-10 | 08:36 PM
  • Jlynn - I was excited about my guess! It just came to me out of no where! You probably head me screatch! LOL Hope you feel better!!
  • Emolls 03-09-10 | 09:16 PM
  • OK, This was tough. I kind of have 2 guesses. One was a trip away you have always wanted to go, the other was a CAR! Is wife 06 and I too crazy. I know we guessed big things. Or a housekeeper LOL!!!

    I feel like I am getting this surprise! HAHAHA.

    HOw r u feeling wife ? I hope the af is light and quick.

    Less gassy these days, more tired and forgetful. Not sure if that is a pregger sign or if I am overwhelmed with work and holding this news to myself and worrying that I will see the blob and not a dead one at that. I know morbid, right? I have been so busy I have not called about my HCG results. However, she said no news is good news. So I will call tomorrow - I am off.

    What is the SURPRISE!!!!???
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 03-10-10 | 02:45 PM
  • Well.........wife was right!!!!!
    Now, let me explain...before I had children I was a perfect 34C. They were nice. Not too big not too small, perky, you know. After my first 2 children and nursing I went down to a 34B. With my miscarriage, I was on so many different drugs that they became fuller, but after my D&C my boobs went way down. And now that I'm working out, they feel even smaller. I swear I'm moving towards a 34A. It just makes me so sad, almost like I'm not a woman. If someone starts small and goes back to small then at least you got back what you started with. On the other hand, if you start small and end up bigger then way to go. I just don't want to live the rest of my life with tiny boobies when I didn't have them to begin with. My mother who has been pg 4 times, but there's only 3 of us, Has larger boobs than me. I think she's a large C or small D. Every woman on that side of the family has a bigger chest than me and I'm the tallest one. Go figure!
    I think the biggest thing for me is for people not to think of me as vain and yet if they do they don't know me as well as I thought. I have always been very modest. That is one reason my dh was attracted to me. I don't where low cut shirts or show my stomach and that wouldn't change if I had larger breasts. I just want to fill out a shirt and swimsuit again. I want my dh to enjoy looking at them even more even though he already does. This is definitely something that I have wanted for a long time and dh has not pressured me at all. He said it was my choice and that he will love me either way.
    Good guess wife and emolls...I was hoping you all would think of those guesses.
    Ok, so honestly, I want your opinion....

    Last edited by jlynn1313; 03-10-10 at 02:49 PM..
  • wife06 wife06's Avatar 03-10-10 | 05:40 PM
  • Whooo Hooo!!! Seriously it just came to me after the last clue...LOL... YEAH!

    Jlynn - honestly if I had anything smaller then I do I think I would do the same thing..(36C) Always have been..... Its just a right porpotion for my body..I too am modest..... I am so HAPPY for you!!!!

    Emolls - AF is for surley done this time, right on track with the BD every other day, gonna opk tonight and wait for the appt on the 25 of march...

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