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Trying for my first.

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  • Emolls 03-24-10 | 06:58 PM
  • Jamie- I really feel for you because u are such a good person. And it does seem like everyone is conceiving- I felt like that before and I was only trying for a mere fraction of the time. U let me know anytime if I should shut up! I would not be offended in any way. I do think it would help to talk with an outside person and get all ur emotion out in the open even the deep dark ones. It is so refreshing and less inhibitory with a outsider.

    Btw you are a freakin psychic- we are having twins. I saw 2 sacs today, both hearts beating. Recheck in 3 w

    Sonja - make sure dh gets tested too!!!

    Other than that- u are the only ones I told about twins. My ob wants us to wait on that news for obvious reasons. Thoughts?
Thank you Emolls!
jlynn1313 (03-25-10)
  • jlynn1313 jlynn1313's Avatar 03-25-10 | 02:13 PM
  • OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I knew it lady! I can't believe I was actually right! I can't tell you how excited this makes me...I know you will have tons of questions with twins, so I am here for you, my friend. I have some good pointers for you, even though we adopted the twins. I have a huge smile in my heart right now!! WOW! I seriously feel like you live in the same town and I'm involved in every moment. It's so awesome!

    Btw, I NEVER want you to shut up about your pregnancy. I LOVE hearing ever moment of it. Please keep me posted. You are my friend...I have bad days every now and then and need to talk about it...that's all. Thank for letting me be a part of your pg and thank you for listening.

    Anyway, how long do yo have to wait to tell? Is DH freaking out NOW? How are you feeling about the news?
    As far as thoughts...these babies are such a sweet blessing and God is preparing for this time in your life. I sure hope I get to see pics someday!

Thank you jlynn1313!
Emolls (03-26-10)
  • wife06 wife06's Avatar 03-25-10 | 07:57 PM
  • Erica - OMG! Congrats on twins! That is so awesome... Please keep us posted on all the ins and outs of what you feeling....
  • Emolls 03-26-10 | 08:37 AM
  • Sonja is you appt today? Let us know what happened.

    My dr wants us to tell all about twins when I am 13 weeks. I have a feeling we will be telling family around 10 w which is the next u/s. I know one twin could not thrive or they have vanishing twin syndrome- but I am taking it one day at a time. I have to get thru this 1st trimester w/ work bc I am nauseous and tired. I am the only dr at work so it all falls to me. I told my receptionists yesterday and we talked about booking appts and surgery with time inbetween .

    My dr told me about risks . My due date is earlier now end of oct / early nov. I have to gain about 40 pounds- while Jamie loses I will be gaining! Lol!
    Dh is so excited and nervous. He wishes we could split the pregnancy up between us- he's so sweet.
    Nauseous again and laying here I will write more later.

    Have a great day! Jamie I already have tons of twin q's!
    Sonja tell us the deal!
  • wife06 wife06's Avatar 03-26-10 | 10:40 AM
  • Morning ladies - I had my appt yesterday. They did a pap, took blood for TSH, FSH, and one other test, and then scheduled a Hysterosalpingogram for Thursday(4/1) morning. DH is doing a semen anylis, and were going from there, stated we would get a call when results are in. I feel nervous(more scared I guess) but we will go from there.....

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