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TTC at home (meds vs no meds, what extras to do)

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Old 08-18-08, 05:53 PM
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Default TTC at home (meds vs no meds, what extras to do)

I am 40 and will make my 3rd attempt at IUI at home in first few days of Sept or Oct of 2008.
I have been seeing an RE and have been through all the tests; you name it, I have had it injected or Xrayed or have peed into a cup or had blood drawn for it.
We picked a bank and did all of their requirements: I watched the videos and completed the surveys and signed the forms and met with the counselors.
The first time I did the IUI we did it in the Dr's office. I had been on Clomid, and did 1 injection (Gonal?) and of course did lots of other stuff you were supposed to do, like prenatal vitamins and moderate exercise. I stayed away from all of the other meds - no tylenol, no ibuprofin, no cold meds or herby stuff at all. I watched what I ate and had no fish/seafood, no wine or alcohol, and I watched my weight and movements. On the week of the first attempt I caught a cold and ended up getting sick and the dr tried the IUI anyway and although I did end up with pnuemonia I didnt conceive. Next time, same meds, same foods, but I did the one injection at home. We did one "vial" on the day of ovulation and didnt conceive. And were already tired and already broke. (God bless those of you who have tried for years!)

Now I cant afford the docs anymore, and am going to do an at home attempt with a donor chosen from a bank. We will use MidWest Sperm Bank. I really didnt have to do anything for their requirements except get a dr to sign off, sign a few forms, choose a donor from a subjective list of traits/qualities, make the purchase and get it shipped.

I like the idea of doing it at home, but also an hoping for advice and a little assurance.., I hate to admit that I am feeling alone, but I am! Big choices, big decisions, and not much of a support network for this undertaking, especially since I now have been doing this for about a year. Many of my friends may not understand why I still want this, or how tiring the process can be. I do have a wonderful support network, but I donot want this thing that is so big for me to be the only thing they hear from me either.

Advice? Suggestions or secrets to success?
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Old 08-18-08, 06:21 PM
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I'm not sure with using a sperm bank. I think you have a better chance with using a "fresh" donor. Do you know if you're ovulating or is that why you're on the clomid?

Good luck and I hope it works quickly for you!

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Old 08-18-08, 06:57 PM
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I don't know a darn thing about any of the sperm bank issues. Heck, I didn't even know you could do an at home IUI.

I'm sorry I can't help more, but I do wish you luck and success.

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Old 08-19-08, 02:21 PM
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Thanks for the help. This time I am not on any meds.
The IUI just refers to how its inserted, and if you have a (needle-less) syringe instead of "direct" penis to cervix contact it is considered an IUI.
The donor sperm is from a bank and its frozen for testing & safety issues.

I am doing the test strips, or rather I will start doing the ovulation predictor kits about 7 days after I start my period.

I am planning on "ordering" the day before my expected ovulation date, and then inseminating the day of or even after. Maybe even again in two days after.

Thanks for the support. I am here if my experiences so far with tests and banks and "tries" can help anyone else...

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Old 08-19-08, 02:31 PM
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Diane, I think it would probably be better to inseminate before and on the day of Ovulation rather than after. Sperm can live for 2-3 days and can be waiting for the egg to be released rather than after when the egg may be released previously and it may be too late. Good Luck. Wish you all the best.
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