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Default Ugh!...

... as you know Neil and I are on the IVF/ICSI waiting list, and I'd made a conscious effort NOT to try and work out how far along the list we were. Well curiosity got the better of Neil (and me if I'm honest) and he decided to look at the paperwork.

Well, we've only been on the list a year!!!
so we're still looking at 12-18 months before we get to the front of the queue.
Part of me wishes it was shorter, and then another part doesn't want to do it at all!

Today was a colleague's leaving do, she'd left to have a baby, but whilst off applied for another job she'd been doing part-time, and she got it, so we threw her a little party today. She came in with her baby daughter, another colleague came in with her baby son, and another colleague came in with a baby that she looks after (the Mum's young and not very good with her).

I held it together like a pro, and cooed over every one's babies, but kinda lost it when I got home

Huge ((((hugz)))) to everyone!

(Edited to take out such down-in-the-dumps drivel!!! Honestly, anyone would have thought that all my family had been killed in a freak accident or something!! Ignore me!!)

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and another

One huge
to the length of the waiting list in your area

I think of you often, didn't realise how long the list was in your area (we were quoted 1yearish when we moved up here - apparently it's closer to 2 now though
) when you finally get to the top of the list, believe me, I'll be here rooting for you and praying like crazy that it works!
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Ah I'm so so sorry Tracey. My heart really hurts for you. You are so strong and you will and can do this.

I like what Dawn said to Therese regarding how long her adoption is going to take. A year will come and go no matter if we are waiting to adopt, or waiting for IVF. Heck I say make a list of everything and anything you want to do in the next year and then do it! Before you know it, you'll be doing IVF and I will be praying harder for you then I ever have before.

I'm so sorry about your day at work. Know your in my thoughts.
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it's so true what Susanne said, I said....
! a year is going to go by with or without IVF so at least you know when this time goes by you will get to have your chance, and not just another year gone by without nothing...that is one of the best peices of advice my aunt gave me years ago! you will have your mom time, i know it dosen't help on your bad days, but you will! i told you, i am psychic!!


you can coo and ca, but it's very ok to feel angry and pissed at these *****es too!!!!!!!! (no offensive to anyone...)

big hugs to you~!
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Hugs from me too! I feel the pain. Time goes by and nothing seems to change, but we are that much closer to the goal. We'll all get there some way or another-one step at a time. Someone wrote a really good quote about peeling an onion, either on here or in one of the many IF books i've read. We cry through peeling each layer that sometimes it's hard to see through the tears what we've accomplished and how many layers we've peeled throught. I hate the breakdowns, but I always do feel better after getting it out. I cried ALL DAY when I found out my SIL was pg and I said every nasty thing I could think of, but love my nephew to pieces! Hang in!
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