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  • baby hungry 04-14-06 | 11:40 AM
  • Well I went today for my 3 day scan. My ovaries are going crazy. I have several follicles (left over follicles) that are 25+ on each side, with at least 20 size 10 on each side.

    After talking with me the two doctors decided skipping this cycle would be the most safe as obviously I have either hyperstimulated, or am pregnant.

    I did think I had my period, although hardly any pain and I ususally am dieing. The flow seemed totally normal, I just didn't have the normal I am going to die pain that I ususally have with my periods.

    Of course they want me to do a pregnancy test and call them. The doctor says sometimes if you get pregnant your ovaries go a little crazy in the beginning. I seriously don't want to have to pee on a stick, but I guess I have to. I am 11 days past my IUI, so I wonder if that's even to early to be testing anyways.

    I felt horrible during this last week with cramps and pain. Now obviously that had to be from my poor ovaries working up a army.

    Just thought I would share an update. Seriously I don't see how I could be pregnant with a heavy bright period so I totally doubt that is it.
  • MBMBERG MBMBERG's Avatar 04-14-06 | 12:01 PM
  • Susanne~

    You may not want to hear this but I really, really, really did not believe I could be pregnant. I (like you) also suffer with endo pain and the day before my cycle was supposed to start, I had severe cramps that lasted for 3 days. Naturally, I assumed my I was going to start but 6 days later she still did not appear. I hated the thought of taking a test because I just knew AF would show right after. I assumed the endometrioma cysts were "screwing" with my cycle. Imagine seeing a + after 5 1/2 years when you were told by your RE that there wasn't anything else he could find wrong.

    Believe me, the last thing I want to do is get you excited then have you suffer. Take the test immediately! In the case that you are pg, then you can demand prometrium ASAP.

    Please hang in there and keep us posted~
  • baby hungry 04-14-06 | 01:50 PM
  • Just as I knew it would be.. negative.

    Looks like I hyperstimulated which does explain all my pain. Another month wait for me, but hopefully May is my lucky cycle.
  • AmyM AmyM's Avatar 04-14-06 | 06:14 PM
  • I am sorry you had to see that. That's a real bummer.

    May is a great month though. My anniversary and birthday are that month! OK. Maybe that doesn't help you, but this board needs some luck, so maybe I can pass my good month around.
  • SherryLS SherryLS's Avatar 04-14-06 | 08:12 PM

    I know how hard it is to see those negs. I hope next cycle is better for you.
    Goodluck to you and everyone here.