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Default Update..

I called the OB this morning and she wanted to see me. So I went to an appointment at 10am. She talked to me and told me that my levels dropped from 17 (14dpo) to 13 (16dpo), so it looks like my body is starting to rid on its own. I had another level drawn because she said we need to see zero. She also did a pelvic exam and said my cervix was closed, so that would help from getting an infection. She also said that she believes it was genetic in disposition and there was not anything that I could have done to prevent it.

I asked her questions about progesterone and b6. She said that whenever I start charting again, at about 3dpo she wants to draw blood and check the progesterone levels and then give me progesterone supplements. As for the b6, she said that a good prenatal will have what I need. So she gave me samples and a prescription for prenatals (it has 25mg of b6).

As for trying again (something I am not even sure of at this point), she recommends we wait for three cycles--ugh! I was hoping she would just say one. But I am going to follow doctors instructions (at least that is what I am saying right now!).

I finally had an ultrasound to determine if my lining has gone back to thinning out. It looks like it is back to normal. So now we just wait for the levels to be zero.

She said that my next cycle would return anywhere from 6-8 wks. She was so nice and thoughtful and even cried with me.

Well just thought I would update you ladies
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I'm so sorry how far along were you?? I was 6 weeks along when I had my last one and my dr. told me that i didn't even have to wait a cycle since my body was healthy and levels were back to 0 but 4 cycles later i'm still here i'm sorry about you loss and soon enough you will have a bfp
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Thank you AshFind06!
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I am so sorry too. It is just horrible. I do find it strange though that she said to wait to try again for 3 months. Everyone that I have known that miscarried around 6 wks they told them that as soon as their normal cycle returned they could try again. And, I know TWO people that on that try they got pregnant and then had healthy babies! Good luck to you, my friend. Thanks for letting us know- give big hugs to those two babies you already have. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you Mark'sbabygirl!
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Gosh I am so sorry Erika. I know this time is hard but you will get through this and you will go on to carry a healthy baby soon. I think 3 months is a good time but it could feel like a lifetime. When ever you are ready you should start. No soon or later. Good luck to you and you can PM me whenever you need to talk or someone to cry to cause I am here for you.
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Thank you Keepers!
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I'm so sorry Erika. I know this must be very hard but you're in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you hopeful7!
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