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Update on me (Long sorry)

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  • Celia_M 11-11-04 | 07:01 PM
  • Thanks All for your kind thoughts.. Yes I had/have a lot of Tlc and support in the form of my Mum, Mil and of course Dh. It's already approaching at what feels like a rate of knots. We went to our information evening last night, which was really helpful and informative. Fascinating to see the slides of the eggs/spermies/embies etc.

    My first post lap AF is due to arrive anyday now.. and it's really, really weird to be Wanting her to come for the first time in so long, sooner she comes, the sooner she'll arrive again, the sooner I make the phone call to start the cycle... I am hoping that with it being during the christmas/new year season it will fly by without us realising it rather than make it harder. We were planning a quiet Christmas and New Year anyway after the hectic year we've had.