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Uterian cysts, Endo and IC (Xposted)

Uterian cysts, Endo and IC (Xposted)

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  • photomom 09-06-04 | 10:02 PM
  • [size=3]Hi all!

    I am searching for a home where I can find a few others with IC who are TTC. [/size]

    [size=3]I was DX with over active bladder in 1998 and it was treated and pretty much under control for the last 5 years. Last November I had major flares (not UTI) and was DX with IC (Interstitial Cystitis). In Feb I had Laproscopy for stage 4 endo. Just recently I had a D&C to remove a cyst from my uterus. [/size]

    [size=3]I had a very pain free sucessful pregnancy back in 2001, and I am hoping to work on another baby with in the next year. [/size]

    [size=3]I am on lots of meds for my IC which I would have to go off of, if I were prego. [/size]

    [size=3]Anyone here with IC and TTC or have had a pain free to painless pregnancy with out meds?[/size]

  • JerecitaC JerecitaC's Avatar 09-06-04 | 11:44 PM


    Hi! I'm not TTC, but it's nice to see someone else on here who also has IC. I've had it since 1995. During my pregnancies, it was very bad the first couple of months, and then it went into remission for the second and third trimesters which was very nice. All I could do for the pain was use an herbal heating bag which I would heat in the microwave and hold over my bladder. My doctor told me it was safe because the bladder is located in front of the uterus. Have you checked out the ICA's website? They have some reading material available on IC & pregnancy. I read that a lot of women actually experience remission from their IC while pregnant
    Good luck!
  • Sonji Sonji's Avatar 09-07-04 | 06:57 AM
  • I don't have IC but I wanted to wish you the best of luck!
  • photomom 09-07-04 | 06:41 PM
  • Thanks! Yes I have checked out ICA and IC network for pregnancy info too. I am glad to hear that your IC wasn't bad int he 2nd and 3rd trimester. Did you have IC with all our pregnancies?

    Thanks again for the kind words everyone!
  • JerecitaC JerecitaC's Avatar 09-07-04 | 07:55 PM
  • I didn't have IC yet when I had my first child. I developed it two years after he was born, was on several medications/treatments for it, then went off everything about 3 months before TTC #2. The last thing I had been using was a Chinese herbal tea made especially for patients with IC, and it was helping me, but unfortunately the herbs weren't safe for pregnancy